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3 Best Ideas on How to Redesign Your Closet

esther.diaz May 22, 2018

If you’re not feeling the vibe of your closet, then maybe it’s time to redesign. Closets can be cluttered especially that space for your shoes. The Philippines have the best selection of furniture and closets are best examples of them.

Redesigning from dull to stunning, a closet makeover can be a fun DIY project and knowing the best option for your style will result in a beautiful storage space for your clothes and shoes. Having a Philippine touch on your design ideas is a way to go back to your roots and explore aesthetic moods at the same time.

To arrange your closet in a suitable fashion will mean that you are bent on organizing your wardrobe. This will be a great way to have a flexible storage space and eliminate the pieces that you would not be using anymore.

Read on below for the 3 best ideas on how to redesign your closet:

Wire Shelving

This is a less expensive, easy to install, and efficient design idea for your closet. You should opt for a smooth powder-coated finish which will protect its surface and clothing from damage.

Look for continuous sliding rods in this design, which will allow your hangers to move uninterrupted across the bar. This will also give your closet a metallic and edgy look so consider this the next time you feel like channeling that style. 

Color Coordinate your Clothes and Shoes

Color coordinating your clothes will be pleasing to the eyes just because of how organized and neat it is. Use the rainbow scheme to color coordinate. Arrange them according to your favorite color so the pattern is a personalized one.

Color coding your closet is a simple yet effective technique and it will help you find the right outfit you are looking for depending on your mood for the day.

Arrange it According to How Frequently You Wear It

This method will let you know your go-to pieces and how much you prefer it. Your favorites will forever hold a place in your heart and this way, you will know which is which.

At the same time, you can give more attention to clothes and shoes that you haven’t been wearing for a while. Take a chance on them and maybe they are the answer to all your fashion blues. This way, you can also throw out the clothes and shoes that have outgrown. The additional shelving will be give you an opportunity to shop for more outfits for different occasions.

Key Takeaway

A closet space is essential for girls who cannot get enough of great clothes and shoes. These ideas on how to redesign your closet will be beneficial in the long run if ever you want to have a makeover on your whole wardrobe as well.

Organize your closet today so your outfits will be properly stored in a stylish way.

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