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3 Distraction-free Tips When Studying

esther.diaz June 28, 2018

For many students enrolled in an international college in Manila, there is no denying that finals week is going to be hard. Students are expected to reduce the time they spend on things that they enjoy such as going out with friends, watching television, keeping up on social media, and almost everything else that is not studying.

It is important that students study as much as possible between now and their finals week; equally important is that the time they spend studying is productive and free from distractions. While there are a lot of things that are going on in the life of a teenager that may potentially distract them for studying, there are ways to make sure they can spend some of their time focused on their schoolwork. Here are three distraction-free tips when studying.

Find a peaceful and quiet environment

In order to avoid any potential distractions, it is important that you find a quiet place to study in. When you can hear everything that is going on inside your house, it can be very difficult to focus on your studies.

If you can’t find any peaceful spots in your home, however, your family would probably be more than willing to make an effort to keep the noise level down when you are trying to study as long as you ask politely.

This tip also extends beyond just studying in your home. If you are the type that prefers studying at school or in libraries, try and avoid surrounding yourself with people that would distract you. If it is possible, always find somewhere quiet to study in so you can be more productive.

 Start studying as soon as you get home

One of the best advice anybody can give you if you want to minimize distractions is to start studying as soon as you can when you get home. Avoid putting off studying because you might end up spending hours doing nothing productive before you actually start.

Telling yourself that you are going to ‘start later’ or ‘as soon as I finish one episode of this show’ can result in you wasting precious time and potentially not getting anything done.

Students tend to be more focused as soon as they get home after spending all day in school. They also tend to start feeling lazy and tired as soon as they take a break even for just 30 minutes to an hour. In order to avoid losing the motivation to study through time-wasting distractions, come home from school immediately, spend 10 minutes eating and drinking, and start hitting the books as soon as possible.

 Avoid going on social media

One of the biggest distractions for students today is social media. Because there is an almost constant wave of notifications and messages coming into the phones of students, it is almost impossible for them to spend their time studying and being productive while paying attention to these distractions.

You might start by just ‘checking something on your phone’, but before you know it, you can easily spend 30 minutes to an hour on social media without even realizing it.

The best way to curb this dependence on social media is to give it up for the next few weeks. However, this might be almost impossible for some so just start by putting your phone away while you are studying. If you are using a laptop or computer to check your notes, do not log on to their websites.

Key Takeaway

 By considering some of these tips, you might find that you can accomplish your study goals in less time. Remember, make small changes and adjust your routine according to your needs every day.

Also, don’t be too harsh on yourself; nobody is ever 100 percent free from distractions. Just do your best and give yourself a reward as you take your first steps towards an efficient and organized study routine.

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