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3 Tips on How to Inspire Your Kids to Study

esther.diaz March 23, 2017

Let’s face it, kids are one of the most lovable human beings on the planet. Their innocence makes them easy to talk to, and even their plain playfulness can be infectious. When people have kids, they usually want the best for them; especially when they’re from developing countries like India, or the Philippines, the best international schools are the ones that parents want for their child to let them have quality education as much as possible. But, more often than not, when parents send their kids to school, they have problems encouraging their kids to study because kids really do have short attention spans that make them unable to focus when exposed to activities for long periods of time.

If you’re a parent that’s experiencing this kind of behavior from your child, here are some tips to inspire your kids to study!

  1. Fill Their World With Reading


One of the primary sources of learning is through reading so, it would be a great advantage for your child if they like or even love reading. You can instill the love for reading by filling your house with reading materials like novels, magazines, newspapers, and even posters or placemats that have words on them. Also, you can take turns reading with your child; not just you reading them bedtime stories. You can also schedule a family reading time wherein all the family members read what they want for a certain amount of time. This can help your child have a longer attention span and they may love reading in a few years!

  1. Rewarding Is Not The Way To Go

Are you one of those parents that try to motivate their kids to do stuff by giving them rewards after they’ve done it? If yes, please stop; leading researchers concluded that clever kids can work their way around a rewards system, and that rewarding kids will be detrimental in the long run. Although rewarding them is a good way to motivate them to do stuff, but what happens if they become dependent on rewards and suddenly, the rewarding stops? They will also stop doing whatever they were motivated to do when they received rewards. Also, when researcher tested the rewards system on children, they found out that it eventually extinguished the child’s passion.

The correct way to motivate your child is by encouraging them by doing what makes them feel good; such as giving them a job well done when they did something that they liked or by congratulating them when they learn something new – such as learning how to ride a bike. Have you ever noticed that when a child learns to ride a bike, they’re so eager to learn it and it’s usually very hard to persuade them to stop.

  1. Embracing Their Imperfections

Kids actually like to learn new things but what parents usually forget is that they have to learn in their own time. By relaxing your standards on how they do things or how fast they do them, you’ll actually make it enjoyable for them. Stop lecturing your kids when they didn’t fix their bed but compliment them when everything is on the bed rather than the floor. Also, the trick is letting them do what like doing; like when they want to study science instead of math, let them study science and when it’s time to learn math, you should help them out.

If there are some activities that your child doesn’t like – and there will always be something that they don’t like – you should approach it with creativity! Like using puppets to encourage them to learn or do things.

It’s not a hard job motivating your kids to study; you just have to look beyond what you want to know and start from there. Kids are more complex when you think about it so, hopefully, these tips helped you!

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