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3 Ways Your Life Coaches Connect With You

esther.diaz June 14, 2018

You can quickly find the best life coach New York if you really put your mind to it. If you are thinking of hiring one based on the recommendation of one of your closest friends you need to know what they do best and how their skill will benefit you. So, for starters let’s know that a life coach is going to work somewhat in a capacity of a friend except that he will be getting paid to coach and guide you and he will do a fine job of it. You will find that there are several different types of coaches that include:

  •    General Life Coaches
  •    Life Balance Coaches
  •    Personal Finance Coaches
  •    Health Coaches
  •    Executive Coaches
  •    Small Business Coaches
  •    Relationship Coaches

These coaches work with different kinds of clients. They help you fill your life with a new momentum and also take it to the next level. So these sessions are ideal for people who find themselves stuck in one position and need a nudge to take them forward in the right direction. The best life coach NYC has to offer will let you connect with him through a variety of methods. They are willing to connect with you in a particular way depending on your location and the type of session you require. The following will give you a better idea of how it works:

On Telephone Coaching

Majority of individuals that take life coaching do it via telephone because it has several benefits. Life coaching by telephone has also been proven more effective that some other means for decades. This is so because your coach can work with you no matter in which location of the globe you are as long as it is practical to manage the time zones. Clients can benefit a lot from this arrangement as they can easily find a coach that fulfills their needs and interests. He doesn’t have to be within driving distance. And of course the time and money that one can save on travel is also a huge benefit. A phone session typically lasts about 30 to 45 minutes and no time gets wasted in commuting.

In Person Or Face To Face Coaching

In some cases, the individual may request the life coach to meet with them face to face. This again will largely depend on the type of coaching being delivered and the preference of the client and the coach. Executive coaching is a fine example of face to face coaching. It is often delivered in person at the workplace or office premises of the client. Some people prefer a face to face coaching session over anything else because it is better to break the ice or get into a comfort zone required for better guidance and learning. The client may choose to get their first session face to face and the remaining can be done by phone. Often the best life coach New York will offer group coaching in a face to face based setting.

Coaching Via Videoconferencing

This is something in between phone and face to face coaching. It is very practical when the client or the coach prefers a face to face setting but is not able to connect with the other. Videoconferencing is useful when the typical telephone call is not sufficient and an in person meet is not possible. It adds the convenience of telephone but also the benefits of an in person session by allowing them to see each other.

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