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3 Wonderful Ideas for a Magical Holiday Wedding

esther.diaz December 4, 2017

Besides the wedding food catering menu, one of the most important things to consider is the moment or occasion you decide to hold your wedding in, especially the holidays; and when it comes to holding a wedding during the holidays, you’d be amazed on how many ideas you can have for your celebration, all of which being great ones for you to try!

With that being said, all it takes is some creative thinking to be able to pull off these ideas. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of the best ideas for you to try:

    1. Christmas-themed Weddings

If you’re planning to hold a wedding on a specific holiday that’s special to the hearts of everyone, there’s no holiday that’s more special than Christmas! Besides, with a wedding in this particular season, you can think of it as the new gift that keeps on giving!

What also makes this idea great are the numerous other ideas for your wedding food catering menu. Since it’s Christmas, this kind of wedding can give you the chance to serve some Noche Buena classics during your reception such as lechon, barbeque, fruit salad, and more. There are a lot of options for you to choose from, all of which can lead to your wedding being granted a very merry ending!

    1. Halloween-themed Weddings

There’s no holiday that’s more ‘spooky’ than Halloween! For all horror-fanatics out there, this holiday wedding idea is definitely for you!

For this, feel free to go all out with anything having to do with Halloween. All the blood, gore, and other things horror will definitely give you and your guests the thrill of your lives!

Also, your wedding food catering menu can have its fair share of upgrades with this theme, both in terms of recipe and aesthetic. All you’ll need to do is explore these different areas of flavor to get that taste you want!

    1. Independence Day-themed Wedding

No, we aren’t talking about that really famous movie. Instead, we are talking about the well-known Filipino holiday that not only struck the hearts and memories of millions of Filipinos, but also history as a whole as well; and with this holiday as your wedding theme, there’s nothing more patriotic than the feeling of love, unity, and holy matrimony!

When it comes to this, besides dressing yourselves up in traditional Filipiniana attire, your wedding food catering menu is definitely one of the main focuses here. Going with traditional Filipino customs, nothing but the best of the Philippines’ finest dishes will be on the table for you and your guests to enjoy to the last bite! Also, the desserts to be served for this holiday-theme for a wedding can suit the occasion as well as classic Filipino desserts such as sapin-sapin, leche flan, ube halaya, maja blanca,and others of the sort are sure to give you and your guests a new and authentic way to enjoy your wedding desserts.

Key Takeaway

Overall, the holidays are a great way to celebrate love and unity; and with these ideas going well with your wedding food catering menu, what’s stopping you from giving any of these a try?

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