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4 Best Survey Plugin Tools For Your WordPress

esther.diaz July 3, 2017

There’s a variety of strategies in SEO that can help boost a website’s interaction level with its audience; quality content with the right context, faster loading page, CTAs, easy website navigation, and a lot more. But the easiest way to engage with your visitors is to give them what they want, enter: online survey tool.

Surveys may be too common – however, its efficiency to gather information from people is already proven and tested. It helps in keeping up with the constant change in people’s needs, keeping information going from time to time. Also, it’s convenient for your visitors as this tool will not require them a great amount of time; easy and quick.

‘Then… is it possible for my WordPress site?’ – why, yes, of course! The truth is, there’s a lot of WordPress plugin tools that you can use to include surveys on your website but this article will show you the best 4 WordPress survey plugin tools that works effectively in boosting customer engagement!

  1. Just Another Survey Tool

The irony of this tool’s name is unjustifiable as it is yet to be one of the best survey plugin tools you can find on WordPress. In particular, it allows you to customize a questionnaire page according to the information you needed from the visitors, and put it up as a popup window or as a different page on your website. Also, it shows the results in two basic forms: tables and charts, making it easier for the users to comprehend the stats.

If you’d want to add another questionnaire – no worries! It comes up on the page in just a few minutes.

Want to know more? Visit their site:

  1. Google Forms

If you want easy, powerful, and free access on your survey tool plugin – then worry no more as Google Forms got your back! Google Forms is one the few free and yet powerful survey creation tools integrated in Google Drive that can help you boost customer engagement. You just need to log into your Google account, access your Google Drive, click on New and choose Google Forms, create your survey, click send and choose the <> option, copy the HTML code, log into your WordPress and paste the code – and lastly, publish it to see the live view. Wasn’t that easy?

Access your Google Drive now and try it:

  1. SurveyMonkey

Want to make your surveys personal? Here’s the premium survey creation tool that you can use: SurveyMonkey. Definitely, this tool can offer you a variety of free templates and themes to choose from to create a professional looking survey for your visitors!

Basically, the SurveyMonkey survey plugin allows users to choose from their free and premium plans whereas the free plan can cover surveys with a maximum of 10 questions and 100 responses per month, while the latter plan can cover for more questions and responses should you need more. This may cost you some but the best thing about SurveyMonkey is it offers an intuitive survey builder allowing you to access prebuilt surveys that are of high quality and definitely professional looking especially if you need to start a survey right away.

Want to try it out? Here’s the link:

  1. Quiz and Survey Master

If you’re looking for something to add spice in your survey – then try the Quiz and Survey Master tool. It is a free WordPress survey plugin tool that allows users to create complex quizzes and surveys right on their WordPress admin access. This tool may lack on some things but it definitely will provide you great surveys with its impressive features: an unlimited number of questions and responses, granular control over surveys, and an advanced creation of quizzes that are scored automatically!

Look no further, you can access it from here:

Key Takeaway

Truly, there’s a variety of survey plugins that one can use for their sites to effectively communicate with their visitors – especially those that are driven by WordPress. However, what’s important to note when choosing from all these plugins is to choose what would work best for you in engaging your visitors to your website, and create value from the information you have gathered.

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