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4 Creative Ways to Use Floor Tiles

esther.diaz July 29, 2018

Although specifically made to be used as kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom tiles in the Philippines, floor tiles have a lot more uses in them. There are many ways to incorporate this material into your home. Ways that will make your interior and exterior unique and stand out from any other house. These ways may not be traditional, but that’s what makes them special.

No one ever stands out from following the norm anyway, so why not step a little outside the box to bring more life into your home. These creative ways are sure to delight guests every time they come over. Who knows, you might even set a trend in your area. Curious as to what these ways are? Then keep reading below to find out more!

Use them for Your Kitchen Backsplash

You can easily elevate the design of your kitchen by adding a backsplash made from floor tiles. Ceramic, porcelain, or vinyl –  all these types work well as a backsplash and people will barely notice that they’re supposed to go on the floor. As for colors, you can go monochromatic and match it to your appliances or make it pop by going for a loud and bright color.

On top of increasing the visual appeal of your kitchen, adding a tile backsplash is also a practical move as it will protect your walls from general wear and tear like heat and spills. They’re also easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about them getting dirty from all the cooking you’re about to do in your upgraded kitchen.

Repurpose them into Coasters

Small, excess tiles can be repurposed into drink coasters. All you have to do is sand their sides a bit and ensure that they aren’t too sharp to hurt anyone. You also have to place a protective foam on the bottom to prevent them from scratching your tables and tops. If you aren’t satisfied with their look, you can cut them down to any shape you want or paint over their original designs.

Tile coasters aren’t just great for your home; they also serve as excellent gifts for your friends and family. You can customize them however you want so it feels more personal and sincere.

Lay them Down for an Outdoor Pathway

The exterior of your home needs some loving and sprucing up too and the best way to do this is to make use of floor tiles. Pathways leading to your garden or patio could be made more beautiful with the addition of floor tiles intended for interior use. It may seem risky and you may question their durability, but ceramic floor tiles can withstand extreme weather conditions without any problem.

Aside from using them for your outdoor pathways, you can also lay them down around your pool and right at the patio area. Doing this is sure to make your outdoor living space more attractive and functional.

Make Cheeseboards or Serving Platters

Another creative use for leftover tiles is turning them into cheeseboards and serving platters. You’re going to follow the same steps you did with the coasters but only on bigger tiles. Sand, add a protective foam underneath, and cut (if necessary) – these are simple instructions that you can do yourself. If all you have are small tiles, then you can just stick them together until you end with a piece that’s big enough to be used as a platter.

Dinner guests are sure to be amazed when you set this down the table and you’ll also have an easy job cleaning afterwards – win-win!

Key Takeaway

It may seem unusual but your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom tiles in the Philippines can actually be used for many different purposes – most of which go beyond their intended uses.

Want a little pop in your kitchen? Try adding a backsplash made from floor tiles! Having guests over and looking to impress? Why not serve food and drinks on serving plates and coasters made from tiles? Dedicated to spruce up your exterior? Floor tiles are the answer!

You may think it’s strange at first but these are legitimate ways to use them, and you’d be surprised at the amazing results you can get from these applications!

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