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4 Simple Style Rules Housewifes Should follow

emmamiah June 4, 2018
We can see in our society that housewives don’t use to follow fashion trends and there are only few brands that use to offer dressing for women whose age is more than 35. As we all know housewives use to be simple and stylish as they have lots of different work to do and manage that’s why they will prefer to wear something comfortable. As we know moms are so much busy in taking care of their house and kids that they just forgot about themselves and their dressing styles. Its actually hard to motivate moms to take care of themselves and invest to look good and stylish. So if you have decided to take care of yourself then you should know about latest trends and styles that you have to follow. Here in this article we are discussing simple style rules that house wives should prefer to follow while selecting the clothes.1.Blocked Heels with Skinny Jeans:

Housewives use to face issues while deciding which shoes  they have to wear with the skinny jeans, some think the can wear heel, sandals, or sneakers but here we are talking about housewives so they obviously can’t wear high heels as they have to handle kids also. So for then it is better to wear blocked heels and sandals. So that they could walk around easily.

2.Wearing antique Jewelry:

First dressing tip that moms could apply is to wear different accessories on casual basis that could be a pair of earrings, any bracelets or a simple necklace. These small accessories could help you to look super stylish in just 30 seconds.

3.Wearing Fitted Dress:

While selecting the casual dress for your office or work, first thing that you should consider is to see does it fit properly or not? Always keep in mind while buying the dresses with appropriate fitting is most important element that you should consider while buying clothing whether it’s formal wear, casual wear or even an Christmas onesie womens.

4.Housewives Special Outfits:

As we all know that moms has lots of duties which they have to perform on daily basis, just like waking up early morning, getting their kids ready for school, making breakfast, getting ready lunch of kids and then dropping kids to the bus stand. And while all these things they will prefer to wear some comfortable dresses. So that they could do all the work without any delay and smoothly. That’s why you should prefer to have floral design dresses in your wardrobe that will definitely look really amazing and attractive.

Basically in the 80’s era these flowery patterns was in trends and was adorned by everyone. But with the passage of time this trend gets fade out but now it has been evolved again and is transformed into a fresh, new, chic, modern version, with addition of more colors and brightness on trousers, maxis, gowns or onesies in to your wardrobe.

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