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4 Tips to Improve Your Injection Molding Process

esther.diaz October 31, 2017

If you’re running a molding company, then you’re probably thinking everyday about how your machines can spew out more products in an 8-hour work day. While you can’t make it a popcorn machine that pops out plastic parts, there are ways you can make your production run smoother. It’s all about using your resources – both human and inanimate – in a smart way. Here are the tips you need to know to run your company well:

Train Your People Well

Machines will always be machines and they will run well as long as you take care of them. But for the humans that run them, they have to be trained well. If you’ve hired people and just tell them to push buttons without teaching them about your machines and process, then most likely the machines will break, production will slow down, and the worst of all, someone might get hurt or die.

In short: be a good boss!

So when you hire people, teach about the machines they’ll be using and the entire process of creating a cast. That way, they’ll never second guess themselves about anything they do on the job.

Learn the Cooling Process

You could get all the things right in the production process but if your cooling process sucks, then your product will suck as well. They will have defects and warping, etc. So study up on the common cooling errors that molding companies experience and how you can avoid these.

Be Smart About Materials

Your materials are your lifeline and your molding company will die if you use too much! Yeah, it’s tempting to go with use the largest shot size for your injections, but you have to think if you really need to use up so much. Also, it’s not really more efficient! Experts say that using 10% less materials will not help you save up materials but it will also work the check ring better and pull more color from the application nozzle. Who would’ve thought! Not to mention, cleaning up is easier when there is less wasted material.

You should also think of the type of resin you use. ABS plastics is tough and affordable while acyrlics are better for high-UV processes.

Maintenance of Machines

Make sure to always clean your machines. In fact, this should be a top priority when you and your team finish the day! The hopper and conveyer area, most especially, must not have an excess material. This will make sure that no colors will bleed onto the next batch of materials for the day after. If cross contamination happens, then you will have more defects.

Key Takeaway

Running a molding company is all about maintenance, training, and knowledge. Making sure that all your resources are maintained and used well is the key to creating more products. The only things that prevent that, after all, is uncertainty and errors in the machine. Follow the tips above and your molding company will run smoothly.

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