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5 Countries You Should Have on Your Foodcation List

emmamiah December 4, 2017

If you are an ultimate foodie and are always looking to enjoy new foods then you should never miss any opportunity to try new cuisines. Being glued to the television screen and watching the food networks is fun but nothing is better than actually trying all the amazing dishes that you get to see on the television.

You can get the best food experience by going on a foodcation. Plan your vacation around food and you will not just get to see all the beautiful places and get to eat delicious dishes. You can experience the culture of a country through its food.

Here are some of the places you should have on your foodcation list.


If you are passionate about eating healthy food then Vietnam is the best place for you. The Vietnamese cuisine is the healthiest of its region. The main ingredients of this cuisine are fish sauce, herbs, shrimp paste, vegetables, thai basil and fruits. The street food of Vietnam is the best you could find in the world. The drinks you should try while in this beautiful country are the jasmine tea, local beer, lemon ice tea, bia hoi and strong iced coffee. It is an excellent choice for a food lover.


Italian food is pure joy. It is not easy to describe the Italian food because it is hard to put the deliciousness of Italian food in words. Every food lover needs to enjoy the taste and traditional colors of the cuisine. The Italian dishes are a mixture of yellow, green and red. Almost all of the Italian dishes are based on tomato, olive oil and bread. The cuisine is based more on the freshness of the products instead of complex or sophisticated preparation method.


Greece is a gorgeous country and apart from the breathtaking scenery it also has delicious cuisine to offer. It is versatile as you can find a variety of dishes ranging from salads, hot dishes to sweet soups. You should try the traditional souvlaki which is an iconic dish that can be found everywhere. Mousaka is also a dish that you should try while in Greece.


All of the Pakistani dishes are rich in flavors. The Pakistani cuisine is versatile and you will be able to find fish, beef, chicken and vegetable dishes. In this cuisine the spices are used abundantly which gives it rich and bold flavor. The spices that are commonly used are chili, ginger, curry, paprika, garlic, cinnamon and coriander. Here are a few suggestions for someone trying the Pakistani cuisine for the first time. you should try dhal, Chicken tandoori, shahi tukra and lassi(drink).


The Japanese cuisine is unique and is perfect for enjoying and experiencing the distinguished culture of the gorgeous country. The most common dishes that you should try are unagi, sake, sashimi and sushi. But remember that the Japanese cuisine is not just limited to these famous dishes. The cuisine is based on indigenous traditions as you have to eat it with chopsticks instead of forks or knives. The cuisine is best enjoyed with the traditional rice wine. It is served hot and its taste is more like vodka instead of wine.

These are some of the places that will make your travel plans worth the effort and satisfy your food passion.

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