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5 DIY Ways You Can Decorate Around Your Television

esther.diaz November 2, 2017

Buying the best LED TV is good, but won’t it be great if you could make it feel right at home? To do that, you have to know the place to put it in or how to decorate around it. Here are a few ideas for you try out to make and LED TV the best addition to a room:

Start off with a Media Console

For those that don’t know what a media console is, this is basically a table for TVs. Below it is spaces perfect for DVD players, cable units, video games, etc. You can start off with this and get creative! You can add mats, plants, statues, etc. to it. But if you don’t want a media console, then any wooden chest would be fine. This will give that rustic look that will be fitting to any place you call home and marry traditional with electronic; plus points if this chest has front cabinets for storage!

Go Between Windows

If you have two windows with just the right amount of space in between, then you have the perfect placement for a TV! Not only will it satisfy your need for symmetry, but also you have so much unique design options. For example, you can place window curtains that will marry the color of the TV and the wall. You can even add a media console that fits the TV, wall, and window for the perfect combination.

Place Picture Frames All Around It

Wherever you place your TV, you can also make it a place for the eyes to be happy. You can do this by adding picture frames of the best memories all around it. This is good for a number of reasons:

  1. It will make for great TV time with family, especially with the good vibes of seeing touching memories next to your favorite shows.
  2. The shape of the frames will match perfectly with the TV frame.
  3. It’s a feast for the eyes, especially if the photos are well taken.

Put Shelves

Especially when the TV is hung up on the wall, adding shelves in the right places will make it feel like it’s part of the house instead of just being placed randomly in the most convenient place. Not to mention, you can place all sorts of fitting decoration on these shelves along with your favorite DVDs!

Take it Out of Sight

Hide your TV! You might be thinking “What? Why would I want to hide my TV?” This is because when your TV will pop out of your furniture, it gives this sense that it was meant to be there. There are some media consoles that look like cabinets, but reveal a TV when you open the doors. Not only is it fun to show guests, but you can also close the doors in case you want a less electronic vibe for your home.

Key Takeaway

The best LED TVs gives you the best viewing experience available today. So don’t waste it just by putting it on a plain side table with a few media devices to the side. Give it the decoration it deserves and you’ll enjoy the best LED TV in the most perfect way possible.

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