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5 Health Tips for Graveyard Shifters

esther.diaz October 2, 2017

Working at a call center, is one of the most fulfilling jobs there is. It is one of the industries that helps to keep the country’s economy alive. The workers here help to give their homeland a good name across the world as a country with people who give top quality service.

Sadly though, many of these workers suffer from health problems due to lack of sleep. With these tips, the call center industry can get the right amount of rest that they need to stay healthy:

Simulate Night Time at Home

Being able to have consistent sleeping patterns is essential for night shift workers. Since they must sleep during the day, they must replicate what night time feels like; at least in their bedroom. It is important to do this to make the body believe that it’s time for rest.

A few good investments to do this is to have soundproofing in the bedroom as well as light-blocking shades on the windows. Turning off the phone during sleeping hours is also recommended.

Be Smart About Coffee and Alcohol Intake

It isn’t smart to drink coffee toward the end of a night shift because it’ll hard to sleep once at home. Also, while alcohol does make anyone sleepy, this isn’t recommended for the nocturnal employee. Taking any type of alcohol before sleeping will actually have a rebound effect on a person once it metabolizes. The result will be a short sleep as the effect will cause the drinker to wake up. Thus, it is not good for sleep maintenance.

Light Up the Workspace

An abundance of light tells the human brain to be alert and focused. So at a night shift office, it is recommended to make sure that space is well lit-up to discourage drowsiness. Think of this as the exact opposite of the first health tip. By making sure the office is awake for work, they will be sleepy enough to rest their tired eyes when they get home.

To further ensure that workers get in the right mood to sleep after work, the lights should start to be slowly dimmed down as the shift comes to an end. Then finally, on the commute home, workers can fight the stimulating light of the sun by wearing shades

Nap before Work

It is strongly recommended to have an hour long nap right before leaving for a night shift. Doing so will help workers to stay awake for the full 8-9 hours. Napping in the middle of the shift could lead to problems getting sleep when work is done.

Eat Properly

Making the right food choices can help one to keep awake. To do this, night shifters must focus on eating more protein and fewer carbs. Protein food like tuna, eggs, string cheese, cottage cheese, peanut butter, turkey, and tofu can all help one to be alert and focused. On the other end of the spectrum, carbs have a relaxing effect that could lead to drowsiness.

Also, sugar must be avoided because the body tends to be less capable of processing it at night.

Key Takeaway

Staying healthy while working a night shift is all about tricking the mind into thinking it’s time to work and sleep. Pair this with the right nutrition and these night owls can stay healthy while raking in the cash.

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