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A Journey of Thailand’s Adventures

Naveen Kumar September 6, 2017

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Thailand is one of the most desired destinations with people. It has all that ones wishes in a holiday package. The fun, entertainment, beaches, water activities, serenity, site seeing and the most famous Thai food to relish and cherish. You can have so much to do there, you can even spend a year there just to explore the Country’s culture and scenes.

Let’s take a look at things to do on a Thailand Journey:

1). A journey worth traveling via Tuk Tuk

Tuk tuk is perfect for dodging lorries, swerving sidewalks and jamming taxis. They are the cheapest and by far the most fun travel option in Thailand.

2). Bangkok’s main tourist attraction

The collection of intricately painted white and gold temples offer religion and history gives you a quick look of Thai culture. Amazing architecture, amazing depiction of culture and amazing is the faith.

3). Khao sand road – A must visit

It is an exciting place with bars, hostels, travel agents, clubs, restaurants and massage parlors all crying out for backpackers to take advantage of their low prices. A place for the fun junkies. Watch it for fun and perfect entertainment.

4). Temple of Wat Arun

Also called, The Temple of Dawn located on the riverside, makes a pretty scene when the sunset occurs and the entire temple begins to glow. It resembles like the cosmological Mountain Meru.

6). Taste some Street Food

A bit of Thai or spicy green curry cooked on the street corner is something really fun to savour. You can get to have your share there and then go bonkers over it. You will love their ‘Thai Red Curry’ a spicy curry whether it be Veg or Non Veg.

7). Thailand Fashion

You know what they say, when in Thailand… Yep, boy or girl, Thai or no Thai, buying a par of these fashionista pants is a must. Comfy, light and in a variety of different patterns harem is the new jean. Buy them at any, literally any, market and venture home with a cool, new style.

8). Scuba Diving

Dive into deep sea waters of Thailand. They will guide you on everything before the Diving, then, they will take you on to the best spot for diving. You will get a certificate as well for Diving.

9). Floating Boat Market

Visit the Floating Boat market in the Early Morning to make it a well spent Morning. You can shop for various spices in a floating wooden Boat. You will surely enjoy your morning time.
Thailand has so much to offer that one can get bonkers over it. With so much in hand to do, why wait for even to plan your trip. Just go and have the best of it. Get your bookings done, find secret deals and to save a good amount and enjoy to the maximum. Make your bookings now and get to spend quality and quantity time with friends and family.
Make your choice now and go in to have the best time of your life.

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