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Ashish Kumar June 21, 2016

With the rise of new and advanced online marketing technologies, digital advertising has become more business oriented. Irrespective of endless amount of information available online, many current promotional strategies fail to achieve desired results. The main reason being agencies falling prey to such limitless information, losing out on the most essential marketing tool, called the… Continue Reading »


Karan Arora Mohali student to entrepreneur

Ashish Kumar May 9, 2016

Karan Arora Mohali; the only son of his parents; a post graduate started working as a Business Development Executive with a small IT-firm  in Mohali. Karan Arora was hired because of good communication skills and his pleasing as well as optimistic personality. On the day of his joining, he was explained the tasks he was… Continue Reading »


Top Best Advertising Agencies in Chandigarh Tricity Area

Ashish Kumar April 21, 2016

Have you ever given a thought to how good your agency actually is? After all, you trust them with your brand and the impression that they help you make on the market. Before trusting them with something this important, you should get to know what kind of an impression they are making in the market…. Continue Reading »


How can you make your fat burning supplements more efficient?

Ashish Kumar December 17, 2015

In the quest for a lean and toned body, it is apparent that a healthy diet, smart lifestyle and a powerful training regime are your most effective weapons. Shedding body fat is not as simple and straight-forward as peanuts. It requires a lot of your hard work in the gym, and a well-planned fat burner…. Continue Reading »


How our desk changed during past few years

Ashish Kumar September 16, 2015

We were really impressed with this interesting idea of reconstructing the office desks of 1980’s and comparing them with the desks of today. Earlier, working areas consisted of a number of items and tools to get work done. A fax machine, a telephone, staplers, paper clips, pens, pencils and lots of stationery items needed to… Continue Reading »


First look of Nokia C1 Android phone

Ashish Kumar September 8, 2015

Leaked renders and live images of the first Android smartphone from Nokia have confirmed that the former handset market leader is getting ready to make a comeback. There’s plenty of demand for a new Nokia smartphone after Microsoft took over the Lumia branding. Either way, it looks like Nokia is very much committed to producing… Continue Reading »


The Advertising Edge

Ashish Kumar August 12, 2015

  All business owners work with one main perspective in mind-to increase profits by expanding the business. To achieve this purpose they can rely on professional business advisers viz. Advertising and Marketing agencies. By the usage of marketing tactics such as market research, strategy development, product development etc. ad campaigns are created to help communicate… Continue Reading »


Helping Your Child Overcome a Traumatic Situation

Ashish Kumar July 14, 2015

Children aren’t excused from experiencing very stressful events in life. As a matter of fact, most of them are facing or were involved in very painful situations at some point. Deep stress might come from: Parental divorce Death in the family Unexpected events with negative effects (ie. accidents, disasters, illnesses, tragedies) Continuous threats to the… Continue Reading »


Swarovski Crystals – How are they made?

Ashish Kumar May 29, 2015

Before we dive into talking about how these shiny little beads and ornaments are made, let us first know what they are. These crystalline objects are not actually crystals but rather glass, man-made and faceted lead glass to be exact. Swarovski crystals are primarily used in fashion, from accessories to full dresses. They are like… Continue Reading »


Why is the Water from My Faucet Brown or Cloudy?

Ashish Kumar May 14, 2015

  Brown Water Two chemical elements could be the culprit of brown water – iron or manganese. If water flowing from the faucet is discolored, the household water system could either be contaminated by one or both of these elements. Probable causes of brown colored water from taps are as follows: Rusty Pipelines. When taps… Continue Reading »

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