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Camping Activities You Can With Your Best Pals

esther.diaz May 17, 2017

Surely, everyone will go swimming and get sun-kissed skin since these are the common activities during summer. Why not go beyond the ordinary and go camping?

Luckily enough, we have an endless list of places to go camping in the Philippines that has incredible views, which will definitely enable you to achieve peace of mind as you get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

To make your camping adventure more exciting and memorable, engage in some of the enjoyable activities to make your stay in the outdoor more meaningful.

We scouted some of the exciting camping activities that you can do along with your best pals. Have a read and include the following in your camping escapade!


Bonfire is one of the common activities during camping. In fact, many beach resorts around the country offer bonfire as one of their services. Setting up bonfire is the perfect way to welcome the night. You can share stories with your friends, eat delectable dishes, or just enjoying the relaxing vibe of the night. Additionally, you can try variety of s’mores and dance around the fire, activities that will surely make your campfire hangout more extraordinary.

Nature Photography

One of the benefits of camping is that it brings you closer to the nature. Nature provides extremely soothing and tranquil surroundings, which enable you to relax and achieve peace of mind.

Apart from relaxing, you can also maximize your stay with nature by making it your subject in your photographs. Several elements, such as animals, plants, and landscape, are perfect subject for your photography. Remember that good timing and avoiding lighting are essential in shooting your nature photographs. Furthermore, apply the concepts of depth of field and rule of thirds to produce striking and stunning photos.


Nothing beats lying on the white fine sands as you feast your eyes with the mesmerizing lights from the night sky. A picture of an ideal camping night, right? Stargazing is one of the old-fashioned outdoor activities that never fail to excite people, and it is best experience during camping. Make sure to bring your binoculars so that you can clearly see stars shining up in the sky and map of the stars, which can help you identify the different stars and constellation that you are looking for.

Sunrise or sunset watching


Watching the sun rises behind the clouds or as it kisses the sea when it sets down is definitely worth waiting for. Whether you are camping in the sea sides or above the mountain, seeing the sun rises and sets is a perfect way to either start or end your day.

Furthermore, make it sure that your camera is ready when the golden hour strikes so that you can perfectly capture the picturesque view and produce Instagram-worthy photos.

Getting away from the city life and choosing to sleep outdoors once in a while brings various benefits to physical and mental state of a person. Camping is considered as one of the ancient outdoor activities, yet, still manages to benefit people who choose to do it. Make your summer vacation a bit extraordinary by going camping.

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