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Fun And Entertaining Wedding Games For Your Reception

esther.diaz January 4, 2018

A wedding is one of the most important and memorable occasions that anyone can have. The sight of seeing two loving people becoming one is always quite the occasion, and is one that should be celebrated with your closest friends and family, and with the best catering services in Manila organizing the event. After the… Continue Reading »


3 Wonderful Ideas for a Magical Holiday Wedding

esther.diaz December 4, 2017

Besides the wedding food catering menu, one of the most important things to consider is the moment or occasion you decide to hold your wedding in, especially the holidays; and when it comes to holding a wedding during the holidays, you’d be amazed on how many ideas you can have for your celebration, all of… Continue Reading »


Ingenious Ways to Save on Your Wedding Venue

souy139 October 20, 2017

“The most blessed marriage is the one with the least expenses”-Bayhaqi A wise adage as regards marriage has stated that it halves our grief, doubles our joys and quadruples our expenses. Although it might seem like a quirky way to warn potential couples of the expenditures they will soon incur, it also serves as a… Continue Reading »


Suitable Wedding Cars For Your Big Day

esther.diaz October 4, 2017

When it comes to weddings, everything has to be prepared properly in order to have a successful event. From hiring a quality wedding catering service to finding the perfect reception venue, organizing a wedding is a lot of work. One of the most important elements in a wedding is the wedding car, which is the… Continue Reading »


How to Find the Best Catering Service in Batangas

johnlupez347 May 24, 2017

Batangas is such a beautiful place for a once in a lifetime wedding. Taal Lake and Tagaytay are there to woe you with the two of the most pristine views in the Philippines. These travel destinations could be your future wedding location. But of course, if you are planning to have a wedding, you do… Continue Reading »


6 Things you should know about Rose Gold jewelry

shilpikapoor072 May 18, 2017

In case you’ve also fallen for the subtle, warm tones of Rose Gold (just like me and many others), I’m sure you’re pretty much a statement maker yourself. While minimalists may choose a different shade of gold, and prefer some other designs, for that matter, Rose gold jewelry will always be a classy choice! Adorning… Continue Reading »


Saving Tips for Your Food Catering

esther.diaz April 29, 2017

Weddings are considered as a regal occasion in different countries. Couples, who are planning to tie the knot, usually take months and months of preparation in order to finalize every single detail in their special day. Unfortunately, all these preparations cause them to sometimes go over their set budget, which is really unwise to do… Continue Reading »

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