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Everything You Need to Know About LoL World Championships

esther.diaz December 29, 2017

Various eSports events have made their way to the modern gaming world. If there’s one game, however, that really steals the spotlight when it comes to any eSports event, it would be none other than League of Legends. League of Legends, more popularly known as ‘LoL’ to their dedicated fanbase, has definitely cemented itself as… Continue Reading »


Things to be considered before purchasing camcorders

weilsann December 18, 2017

Are you looking ahead to a digital camcorder for usage in performance surveillance? The obvious answer to the question is technological improvements in CCD and CMOS image sensors along with the introduction of latest high def display and recording formats have certainly resulted towards the introduction of lots of varied digital camcorder models. It is… Continue Reading »


4 Top Series or Movies to Watch at Netflix Before They Leave This 2017

esther.diaz December 1, 2017

Having the best LED TV in your living room, or even your bedroom can really bring a great experience for you and your family. Movies and TV series can be viewed in the highest of qualities, with an excellent quality in audio to match. Speaking of movies and TV series, there’s nothing else that really… Continue Reading »


Benefits of Having a Dual-Sim Phone

esther.diaz October 29, 2017

Today’s generation of smartphones are versatile devices that have a processing power of a small computer, which allows them to accomplish various functions with relative ease. Other than having a fast and powerful processor, some smartphones have a dual-sim feature, like the LG K-10 Dual SIM, which allows you to use two SIM cards in… Continue Reading »


Best Apps to Boost Your Productivity at Work

esther.diaz October 3, 2017

In today’s workplace, the use of technology has become more important than it ever was. With the arrival of gadgets and devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets, work has become much more streamlined and smoother. Office design has also changed as well, with virtual offices in Manila becoming more of a trend recently. With the… Continue Reading »


How to watch Netflix via VPN?

Naveen Kumar October 1, 2017

Netflix is the world’s largest video streaming website with a huge collection of HD movies, TV shows, sports and much more. People subscribe for Netflix to watch anything they desire, But, there are some country based restrictions on accessing things. Netflix never allow subscribers to have cross-border access which means, they can’t access the content… Continue Reading »


Why It’s Important To Have a Phone Case

esther.diaz September 15, 2017

Smartphones are some of the most versatile devices around, as you are able to access a wide variety of features from the palm of your hand. Gone are the days when mobile phones are used merely for calling and texting, as smartphones are basically handheld computers that give you great functionality. Like regular mobile phones,… Continue Reading »


Google Techniques: Every Student Should Know

esther.diaz September 1, 2017

Google has become the top internet search engine since the last few years of the 2000s. With its speed in gathering many different pieces of information across the internet, it has also become one of the most important digital tools used by students. In a world where information is now becoming more accessible than ever,… Continue Reading »


The Future of Mobile Phones

esther.diaz August 28, 2017

Mobile phones are the pinnacle of technology today. With an endless list of apps that bring a wide range of features and functions, many find themselves able to do multiple tasks on their phones; including work. This is why getting a SIM Network Unlock PIN is so popular with many travelers. They need the functionality… Continue Reading »

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