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5 Best Asian Cities You Should Visit at Least Once

souy139 April 11, 2018

Travel has been one of the many avenues for expanding your knowledge about the world—so much so that travel is not only essential to indulge our whims, but rather to reinvigorate ourselves and our souls as well. It is a means for self-reflection–to connect with ourselves while we disconnect from the rest of the world…. Continue Reading »


Quick to Cook Recipes For Busy People

esther.diaz April 2, 2018

Most of us live busy lives and often have no time to actually cook our food. Pre-packaged meals and fast-food takeout, staples of weeknight meals, are loaded with unhealthy fats and excess sodium. Taking the time to prepare weekday lunch or dinner does not have to be difficult. Here are some quick and easy meals… Continue Reading »


4 Best Packing Tips and Tricks Every Traveler Should Know

esther.diaz March 28, 2018

Traveling is starting to become more accessible to people as airfare and lodging become more affordable. Many first-time travelers often find that they have either packed too many things, or not enough, and ruining their trips. Whether you’re headed to a 5-star hotel in Manila or in any major city, packing the right items is… Continue Reading »


Best Apps for Your Phone to Enhance Your Car Journeys

esther.diaz February 27, 2018

Driving has become a part of everyday life. The fact that we can get from point A to B in a short matter of time is one convenience we should all relish in, especially for the many drivers out there! Thankfully, with the numerous car services around Manila that are always ready to help you… Continue Reading »


Fun Activities You Can Do in Makati

esther.diaz February 1, 2018

Makati. One of the country’s most iconic and famous cities. Though known for being one of the country’s central business districts, this city can actually showcase a variety of activities for the metro’s everyman to do. Things like staying in a Makati hotel with a pool or even just cruising down the streets of Makati… Continue Reading »



indianeagle January 30, 2018

Honeymoon in St.Moritz: St. Moritz in Switzerland is among the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Although it’s famous for being one of the most beautiful and exceptional ski resorts in the world, not many are aware that it was actually started as a summer resort. Just about 3.5-hour drive from the scenic… Continue Reading »


Trekking in Nepal Guide

hari January 30, 2018

The vast majority would concur that Nepal is the main trekking goal around the world. What is less outstanding is that it’s an incredible nation for your first appropriate trek. In light of that we’ve assembled an amateur’s manual for trekking occasions in Nepal. Best time for Nepal trekking Nepal Trekking Season – Trekking in… Continue Reading »

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