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Creative Ideas to Organize Shoes

esther.diaz October 27, 2017

When it comes to fashion, shoes are a very important element, as they not only keep your feet comfortable and secure, but also enhance the overall look of your clothes. From boots, sandals, sneakers, and fllipflop slippers, there is always an ideal pair for any situation. Since it is a necessity to own a few pairs of good footwear, you must know how to organize them properly. Organizing your shoes and slippers is similar to organizing your clothes, which means there are many effective ways to do it. Here are some creative ideas that you can use to organize your shoes.

Ottoman Storage

Ottoman chairs are a pretty addition to any living room, as they provide comfy seating while not taking up too much space. Apart from the regular Ottomans, there are the newer Ottoman chairs that double up as storage containers. These chairs provide a good amount of space to store a few pairs of your shoes. When it doubt, get two!

DIY PVC Shoe Rack

PVC Pipes are not only great for transferring liquids around, but they are also great for creating your own shoe rack! PVC pipes come in different sizes, and you can get one big enough for each of you shoes, and you can add more pipes if you buy some new pairs too.

Decorative Shoe Hanger

If you want a newer way of storing your shoes, why not try hanging them around your wall? The shoe hanger allows you to display your shoes creatively, while allowing you the convenience of being able to reach for it, especially if you are in a hurry. This is an artsy and practical way of organizing your shoes.

Basket Case

Baskets are not only for nice picnic food, they can also act as decorative shoe containers too! Get a large basket, and you would be able to fit a good number of pairs. This will allow you to place them under tables, cabinets, and even the bed.

Wooden Crate

Another simple and decorative way to store your shoes is by putting them inside a wooden crate. You can get wooden crates in markets and groceries, and then clean them up and color them as you please. Most wooden crates are spacious enough to accommodate your footwear, and they don’t take up that much space as well. You can also use rolling crates, which you can put under tables, and conveniently pull out.

Paint Can Wall Storage

If you have some empty paint cans lying around, it would be the best time to give them a new lease on life. Paint cans come in various sizes, and most of them can store footwear like slippers, sandals, and regular shoes without much hassle. You can also stack them up like PVC pipes, which would help you save a lot of space as well.

Key Takeaway

There are many creative ways to store your shoes, and these wonderful ideas would not only save some space in your room, but also add some more style as well.

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