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Diesel Generator Maintenance Checklist

esther.diaz May 23, 2018

Working with generator sets in the Philippines and as well as the rest of the world is something that requires constant regulative maintenance in order to preserve and ultimately make sure that the piece of equipment functions at a high-quality and flawless level. Generator sets are basically the combined efforts of a diesel engine and an electric generator or alternator.


First of all, it should be made sure that the engine oil is checked on when the generator is shut down at regular intervals with a dipstick. Allow for the oil in the higher portions of the engine to drain into the crankcase and then follow the engine manufacturer’s specific instructions for oil classification and oil viscosity. Keep in mind to keep the oil levels at the full mark of the dipstick.


Second, make it a point to check the coolant levels during shutdown. Take off the radiator cap after letting the engine cool, and add coolant until ¾ level. It should be stated that more heavy-duty generator set engines call for a more balanced coolant blend of water, antifreeze, and additives. Do an inspection of the radiator’s exterior in the event that there are possible obstructions such as the build-up of dirt and other foreign materials which can simply be taken out with the use of cloths or soft brushes.


Diesel is a fuel that carries the tendencies for contamination as well as corrosion. It is highly recommended by many experts to use stored fuel before it begins to degrade. It should always be secured that the fuel filers are drained at their identified and designated intervals because off the accumulated water vapor and the condensation that takes place in the fuel tank.

Battery Testing

Undercharged batteries or batteries at a weak level are the most common cause for power system failures. It is imperative that batteries are kept fully charged and well-maintained in order to steer clear of any dwindling from regular testing and inspection. Batteries must also be cleaned with the specific electrolyte and gravity levels constantly and frequently monitored.


There are many common issues that are easy to spot when it comes to taking care of a generator set’s engine –oil drips are arguably the most common. With the routine effort of visual inspection, you can guarantee that your generator set’s belts and hoses are in prime condition.

Frequently checking the cleanliness of your generator set can keep wasps and other insects from nesting in the equipment. It is also worth mentioning that the more a generator set is used, the more it poses a tendency for breaking down. So it is ultimately important that its cleanliness is regularly maintained.

Key Takeaway

Generator sets here in the Philippines and any other section of the world, do not really require high-maintenance measures due to their strong reliability, durability, and great sturdiness in functional characteristic; they are also typically more budget-friendly than other fuel sources such as propane or gasoline. However, it is important to make sure that regular maintenance measures be followed as to prevent performance functions and ‘wear-and-tear’.

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