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DIY 101: Outdoor Furniture Ideas You Should Try Now!

esther.diaz July 29, 2018

Crafting your own furniture is a fun and inexpensive way to beautify your space. Power tools are your best friend in making all of these possible and the best thing about this is that anyone can make it. You would only need moderate building skills to complete these projects but this is done with the help of reliable power tools.

If you are thinking of starting a craft project, then why not start with something as functional as outdoor furniture? The best part about this is you don’t even need to do a lot of shopping to make all of this for your home, just power tools in the Philippines and the things you already have then you are good to go!  Check out these fun and easy outdoor furniture ideas you can do today!

Arbor with Built-in Benches

If you want a nice, quiet, and private place in your backyard or on your deck then you learn how to install arbor and benches. It will provide you with shade and comfort and it will come in handy if ever you want to have some alone time to read a book or just to breathe in the fresh air.

You should find planter boxes to start off with this project and with your handy power tools, you can make this into a fun and creative way to install an outdoor furniture.

Terra Cotta Table

All you need is large, inexpensive flower pots, some spray paint, scrap wood, and a pizza pan, that’s it. With these materials, you can make an ingenious table that will definitely be eye-catching in an indoor or outdoor setting. You just simply stack the flower pots on top of each other and lay the pizza pan on top. Choose a rustic color so it accentuates its classic look.

Simple and Colorful Hammock

Feeling a little summer hangover? Then this DIY hammock idea can bring you back to memories of your trip to the beach at the very comfort of your own backyard! Using the materials that you already have in your closet like a beach towel, leather straps, or cotton muslin, you can create this hammock that is bound to give you relaxing days under the sun or in the middle of a cold breeze.

Umbrella Table

Nothing’s more refreshing than sipping a cold drink under the shade of your patio umbrella in a hot afternoon. Installing this stylish umbrella table will complement your garden or backyard beautifully, and it is perfect when you want to hangout outdoors whatever the weather is. You only need a plywood and your trusty power tools to finish this, you got yourself a great outdoor furniture for the whole family!

Key Takeaway

DIY projects are a great activity especially when you feel like your space is becoming a little dull. Brighten up your outdoor space by putting these types of furniture and you will surely enjoy being outdoors most of the time.

This is also a fun way to bond with the rest of the family and enjoy the fresh air together!

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