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Easy Tips to Organic Cleaning at Home

esther.diaz June 26, 2018

The regular products which are used in the cleaning of the fabrics such as rugs or carpets contain large amount of chemicals which may not be considered as safe for you. The chemical cleaners used have some specific composition which can leave a odor behind in the house. Sometimes, the harsh chemicals may also cause damage to your skin. The houses which have children in them are more prone to the effects of the chemicals present in cleaners. Therefore, the carpet cleaning NYC services offers you the organic cleaning options which means you can get your home cleaned up using the natural ingredients which can help in disinfecting your house without any use of chemicals. The products which are used in organic cleaning do not affect the fabric of the carpets, rugs or anything on which you use them. The organic cleaning ideas comes from natural products and in case you are looking for an organic solution which you can work on by yourself then here are certain important tips to be noted.

There are many products in the market which promises of using no chemical agents in the composition. But there are still petroleum based solutions and chlorine elements which are used in cleaning products. There is no need to such chemicals when you have vinegar and water by your side. You can use vinegar to clean the glue spots and crayon stains present on your carpet. Using undiluted vinegar can be effective in cleaning the crayon spots by scrubbing using a brush and the glue stains can be cleaned using a water mixed vinegar solution for scraping the glue spot away.

In case you have a chocolate stain, tea spill, or ketchup on your carpet even then you can use a solution of water and vinegar. You just have to mix the 1 cup of vinegar with 2 cups of water to prepare a organic cleaning agent. You can use a good quality sponge to remove the stains by continuously blotting and sponging. Vinegar can also be used to remove the stains or the spots which are left after drying of the water on the them. You can use a sponge to apply and clean a mixture of vinegar and water to get the spot cleaned.

Moreover, the wine spills are very common in the house and vinegar can be used for the rescue. You just have to sprinkle a small amount of salt on the area to absorb the spill and once it is absorbed you can use two third of water and one third of vinegar mixture to clean the spill. You just have to vacuum the salt from the stain where the wine is spilled and then you can use a sponge to apply and clean the stain within few minutes.

These are certain common stains and cleaning issues which we face at our home. The organic products used in cleaning can help in reducing the chances of getting a permanent stain. Moreover, this would also help in keeping the carpets clean without use of any harsh chemical agents. There are also some professional organic cleaning services on which you can rely. You can hire a professional cleaning service like organic rug cleaners who can help you in case you are unable to deal with hard stains. It is rather recommended to hire the experts and professionals to deal with the strong and dry stains as you may get the fabric damaged with excessive rubbing and sponging. But now you know what you can do with vinegar when you get any crayon, coffee or wine spills and stains on your carpet to clean.

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