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Fun And Entertaining Wedding Games For Your Reception

esther.diaz January 4, 2018

Photo Courtesy: Alannah & Roland Wedding

A wedding is one of the most important and memorable occasions that anyone can have. The sight of seeing two loving people becoming one is always quite the occasion, and is one that should be celebrated with your closest friends and family, and with the best catering services in Manila organizing the event.

After the very wonderful wedding ceremony, the wedding reception follows. A wedding reception is where the married couple have their first dance, and where everyone celebrates with some delicious food and drinks, and even some fun and exciting games. When it comes to games during the wedding reception, there are many ideas to choose from. Here are some fun and entertaining games that you can do at your wedding reception.

I Spy

This simple game can be enjoyed by everyone in attendance, as they all have the chance to participate. This game involves looking for different kinds of items and people, and being able to find it first. This is a fun and fast game that can get competitive and challenging as it goes further. You can also add items on your table for your guests to find to add to the excitement.


If you want to get groovy and fancy during the reception, one game that would definitely bring out some talent during the night would be a nice dance-off. This can be done by guests of all ages, and would encourage a lot of people to get dancing. The winners of the game can be judged by either scoring or audience reaction. This is a game that you would be enjoying during most of the night.


A classic party staple, piñatas are also great for weddings. The goals of the game is to be able to break the piñata in order to get the good inside. Those goods can be in the form of sweets like candy and chocolate, or even some party favors and gifts. This is a simple yet fun idea that everyone would enjoy.

Wedding Bingo

This version of the classic bingo game is quite different, as instead of just sitting down and marking down their cards, the guests are urged to look for their fellow guests so that they would be able to mark their cards. This is a competitive and fun game that would get everyone excited during the reception, and create a light-hearted and warm atmosphere.

Truth or Dare

Another classic game that is play in a lot of places, a lighter version of Truth or Dare would be really fun during wedding receptions, as it can involve all of your guests. The guests pick up different cards, each with a question that they have to answer honestly, or a task that they have to do. This is a great ice-breaker game that would make each guest comfortable with each other.

Key Takeaway

Party games are some of the most fun and exciting games you can enjoy during events, and these wedding reception games guarantee that. With these games, you are sure to have a great time during your wedding reception.

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