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Fun But Delicious Ways to Mix up Your Drinks!

esther.diaz November 3, 2017

Alcohol is one of those things we look for when we feel like it, especially in times of celebration and overall ecstasy. You can never go wrong with the alcohol you choose to drink, as long as proper moderation is practiced. When it comes to alcohol, there’s always the variety each drink presents in many aspects, particularly flavor. In fact, wines and spirits from the Philippines can be enjoyed more than on its own, it can also be enjoyed with each of them mixed together with different drinks!

Mixing up drinks is great for bringing up your inner bartender. Not only can you impress your friends with various tricks up your sleeve, you can also make unique creations of your own. If you’re looking for some ideas to turn that ordinary shot of vodka into something extraordinary in taste, here are some fun and delicious ideas to mix up your drinks:

Stir them Together

This specific method is the most common one there is, as well as one of the easiest ways to mix up your drink. All you’ll need to do for this is to stir one drink together with another and take a sip! In fact, another thing that’s great about this is that you can control how much of each drink to mix with the other. That way, you can find the taste you’re looking for and not have to worry about overpowering flavors.

Some of the best examples of this particular idea are drinks like ‘Jack Coke’, which mixes Jack Daniels with Plain Cola; or even the Filipino classic ‘Gin Pomelo’, also known as Ginpom, which mixes gin and pomelo juice powder. Either drink you mix with another, enjoyment is guaranteed with every sip to the last drop.


Infuse them into one another

Infusion is another great idea in mixing up your drinks. There’s nothing like the taste of something that’s been embedded in the flavor of another.

When it comes to anything having to do with alcohol, especially Philippine wines and other spirits, each drink can showcase a different taste and flair; and with that in mind, infusion can definitely bring more to the table.

A notable example of a drink to use for this mixing method is none other than vodka. Its taste and intensity can be infused into anything, whether it be something savory as pasta or something sweet as gummi candy. Just make sure to put in just the right amount and soak them (for the candies) overnight to ensure that everyone is satisfied.

Shake them up

When it comes to mixing drinks with heavy ingredients such as cream, fruits, and others of the sort, it’s time to literally shake up your drink. That way, you’ll be able to get all the flavors to completely blend with one another. Plus, it’s fun to shake things up!

Key Takeaway

Wines and Spirits from the Philippines are sure to offer a variety of flavors and tastes for you to try; and with these fun drink-mixing ideas, you’ll be sure to instill a degree of creativity in your own palate, especially with the numerous other ideas out there. Don’t hesitate to give any of these ideas a try for your next drinking session with friends! You won’t be disappointed.

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