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Gardening Tools for Beginners

esther.diaz December 1, 2017

A garden is something that really brings aesthetic to your home; and with the right gardening tools for you to use, you’ll be able to give your home the flair it deserves. While there are homeowners who are knowledgeable of this craft, there are also those who wish to learn the craft from the basics, which will be the overall focus of this piece.

Gardening can definitely be accomplished by anyone, whether novice or beginner; and especially for the beginners, all it would entail is knowing and using the right tools to make your garden truly stand out. With that said, here are some of the basic gardening tools for beginners:

    1. Gloves

Of course, though you’ll be handling a bit of dirt for gardening, that doesn’t mean that keeping your hands clean and safe from dirt should be disregarded. In fact, while the soil our plants grow provide plant life with a comfy place to grow and rest in, they can also potentially house any threat to your health, especially if you have a wound on your hand. In this case, gloves are your best and most important gardening tool to use. With this tool, or pair of tools for that matter, not only will you be able to keep your hands safe and clean from the dirt, you’ll also be able have a better grip on any tool for your gardening needs.

    1. Hand Trowel

When it comes the basics of gardening, this particular tool can definitely get you covered! If ever you need to shovel some dirt into your flowering pot, then a hand trowel is the tool for you. Simply get a good grip and measure the amount of dirt you need for proper gardening at its finest.

    1. Garden Sheers

This is for something that needs to be sheered, particularly the lawn. While massive in size, this particular tool can get your lawn looking like a freshly mowed one in a matter of minutes! Though it may take some effort to accomplish, the end results are definitely worth it!

    1. Garden Hose

This is for something that really needs some watering down. A garden hose can be for various purposes, whether it be for watering your plants or playing with water with your friends and family. With numerous variations of this tool available in the market for your choosing, plus a variety of lengths it can come in, you can never go wrong with using a garden hose.

    1. Rake

If you’ve been tasked with ‘raking’ the leaves, then this particular tool is definitely for your gardening project! Not only does it clear out all unwanted plants out of your garden, it’s also easy to use and leaves your garden looking as neat and tidy as it can be.

Key Takeaway

To all those beginners who wish to learn the basics of gardening, especially those wishing to learn from scratch, then these 5 tools are definitely for you! Use them wisely and happy gardening!

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