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Get To Know The New Teams For This Upcoming NA LCS

esther.diaz February 1, 2018

Are you excited about the upcoming North America League of Legends Championship Series? If you are, then you are most certainly not alone! The entire esport community is looking forward to the epic battle.

Now, to excite you even more, here are the teams of “Summoners” who will battle it off in the virtual world.


Anybody who tunes in to the tournament is bound to know this organization.

This reputed esports organization is the sole competing team that has attended all of the League of Legends World Championship and NA LCS finals.

Their signature “TSM” chant has echoed from Paris to Shanghai.

Golden Guardians “GGS”

If you also watch NBA games, then you are certainly familiar with the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors have made an unprecedented reputation for their wins and exceptional fan base.

Utilizing similar tactics as the Warriors, which is in-depth knowledge of the industry and employing staff that will provide excellent support to the team, the Golden Guardians aim to be champions in the virtual space as the Warriors are in the court.

Cloud9 “C9”

Beginner’s luck is not how you will describe the win of this contender.

The team made their debut back in the summer of 2013. They entered the competition as challengers then eventually rising as champions who has been representing North America in the Worlds since 2013.

From then on, the team never looked back and continued on to building their athlete brands.

The team’s exemplary performance is the result of the organization’s focus on the well-being of their players.

FlyQuest “Fly”

Wes Edens invested in FlyQuest after discovering League of Legends from his son who is an avid player. Wes Edens enjoyed the competitive scene and invested on the team in the beginning of the 2017 season.

Emerging stronger with a new brand and management team, Wes plans on building a training center for his team.

Unlike other teams, FLY is aiming to be a fan-centric team with their community of supporters close by. The esports community definitely approves of this decision.

Echo Fox “Fox”

Upon the team’s entry into the arena back in 2016, Rick Fox declared that professional gamers are not different from professional athletes.

Fox has been known for his impeccable concern for the well-being of his team. Support staffs are hired and never-before-seen resources are provided for the players.

The team has flourished by adapting Rick’s learnings in the NBA. One main factor is focusing on the physical and mental wellness. Personal coaching and guidance by Rick proved to be effective for both the NBA and LOL players.

Clutch Gaming “CG”

This team has established one of the largest scouting systems that will hunt down highly competent player to form the ultimate team.

Organization owner Tilman Fertitta applies his experience in establishing teams with the Rockets and the Texans in forming and managing his online players.

100 Thieves “100”

Matthew “Nadeshot” Haags aim to drive his team of online gamers in the same way that he steered the Cleaveland Cavaliers, towards championships.

Team Liquid “TL”

With an impeccable player development plan, this team aims to establish a successful team.

Team Liquid Academy (formerly Curse Academy) has trained each top-tier domestic player.  Owner Steve Arhancet also immersed himself along with the players.

Both the management and pro players extend their resources to charitable initiatives.

Optic Gaming “OPT”

This team has found success in other esports aside for League of Legends.

That’s why it’s no surprise if a majority of the esport community has heard of this organization.

Among other teams, OpTic published the first book deal focused on esports teams. The book was published in 2016 with HarperCollins.

Counter Logic Gaming “CLG”

Out of all the teams, this one has already won an international tournament.

After their near run-in with relegation in 2014, they rose from their ashes and became the Champions of North America and MSI Finalists last 2016.

Key Takeaway

Those are the competitors for this year’s North America League of Legends Championship Series.

The entire esports community is surely at the edge of their seats for this season to begin.

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