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Guide to Sending the Best Gift Hamper

Naveen Kumar October 30, 2017

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Gift hampers have become very popular these days. They are available in various shapes and sizes and are not limited to the traditional wicker basket gift. Nowadays, you can customize your hampers and express your choice in items included and how the gift is packaged.

If you use the services of a gift hamper company, be sure that they will include their company logo in the hamper. If you are providing corporate gifts, you can also include logo of your company. Such gifts can express your gratitude to loyal customers and employees or even be a mode of advertising.

The good news is that you can design your own gift hamper without seeking help of a hamper company. You can decide what items will go into the gift hamper and how to decorate and package it. Some companies will permit you to personalize their gift hampers and feature their ad only on the card.

Most gift hampers are sent to celebrate any event. Here are some tips to provide your personal loving touch to a gift hamper:

  • Consider the person you are gifting:

You must include items and products loved by your recipient. What is her hobby? Include stuff related to her hobby. Does the person love to read? Is she into music or gardening or fishing?  Whoever be the recipient- father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, son, friend or colleague- it is good to design the hamper with things loved by the recipient and reflecting his/ her personality.

  • Think of yourself

Design the gift for someone you know well or someone you just met.  Whatever be the case, the gift hamper you send must reflect your personality. The gift must give the message: ‘this is a special gift hamper from me’ or ‘I am thinking of you’. Fill hamper with gifts that reflect your taste. It can include items which are a clue to your personality.

  • Select an original container

Showcase your gift in a container that is unique or may be put to further use. A picnic basket, neatly crafted wooden box, ceramic platter or woven bag can all be used later after opening the gift. Consider utility of box to the recipient. Also fill spaces inside basket with attractive fillers like crinkled paper, dried flower petals, tissue paper, or even shredded newspaper.

  • Include something which is an out of the box idea

You may have chosen a theme for the hamper. But include something that is quite the opposite. Fill Christmas chocolate hampers with not only chocolates but add extra items like some French perfumes. Or you may design a spa theme hamper with body oils and lotions and include a box of candy inside it.

  • Make an event out of the gift

Organize all items in the hamper in such a way that when the recipient finds one item, he or she will be intrigued and begin to search for more items. Arrange items in such a way that the recipient finds it an adventure to go through the various items.

  • Create an attractive hamper

Design a hamper that is eye candy and pleases both the eye and the soul. Ensure all items are well spaced and that the filler and basket complement each other. Design something amazing to look at.

These are some tips for designing your personalized hamper.

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