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How post-production helps music videos deliver the song more convincingly

John Miller July 10, 2017

How Post-Production in Music Videography Can Help Sell Your Music Better?

Music is art, we all know that, but in the modern, globally connected world where there are so many different artists with unique and diverse sound, creating good music is simply not enough. It’s important to have a good promotional strategy and reach people, because in the deep sea of so many music options, reaching your audience can be quite difficult.

Simply put, selling your music today is quite hard, no matter what genre you are playing or what the word “selling” means to you. One of the must haves for a band or an individual artist trying to make it in the music world today is to have a music video. This is one of the best solutions for attracting the attention of potential fans and making a breakthrough.

Shooting a good video is very important, but still, the post-production process is equally important as well. Both of these aspects need to be good in order to get a quality music video that will be able to present music in a better way. Here is how post-production can increase the value of your music.

Syncing shows skill and artistry

If the music video includes performance scenes, or it’s mostly performance-based, it is essential that the video and the music in the background are perfectly aligned. Although this might sound like an obvious thing, a lot of people overlook the importance of syncing and don’t take it quite seriously.

A perfectly synced music video offers so many benefits. First of all, the performance will look better and more complex than it actually is. On top of that, the music that the band or the artist is performing will be more convincing and engaging to the listeners. Simply put, when a band is completely synced on screen with their music, they will look more serious in the eyes of the viewers.

Post-production can enrich a music video

Creative editing company that works with music videos have a lot of opportunities to be creative and to try and enhance the footage because the nature of music videos simply allows them to do so. Musicians are generally very creative and they are open to new suggestions and creative edits that will make their videos be more appreciated with their fans.

There are various effects, cut scenes, animations, filters and other video edits that can be used to emphasize the music and the video as well. For example, if the music is upbeat, the video effects added in post-production can improve the dynamics of the song and enhance the energy that the music is trying to provoke.

When all of these things match the music, the music video will be spot on and nothing will be odd about it; on the contrary, the video will only make the music “sound better” and be even more interesting to listeners.

Post-production improves storytelling

A lot of people consider music video post-editing as just cutting footage and putting them together into a whole. No, a music video has a story to tell, and this story is deeply connected to the music. This means that post-editing also has a big impact on how the story goes through the music video.

All of the cuts, sound effects, graphic changes, and transitions should be done with the consideration of the story of the music video and aligned with the events that are happening within the song. All of the scenes that are included within the music video should help the progression of the story, create conflicts, built ups, and emphasize the whole experience through music and pacing.

In the end, post-production can improve the video in many ways. A better video means that people will be more open towards the music and be engaged while watching. Most of the time, people don’t’ like a song when they hear it for the first time, but the video keeps their attention and, when they listen to it till the end, it quickly becomes their favorite track.

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