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How to Move Large Furniture Items When Moving Home in Dubai

Davy Greene July 25, 2018

When it comes to moving to a new home in Dubai, the paradise on this planet, it is important that you are shifting all your valuables along. However, when it comes to moving and transporting large and heavy home items, like your furniture items and heavy home appliances, it can be a tough challenge. Here is how our team of professionals at Al Salam suggests you to doing it!


How to do it!

Weird and hugely shaped furniture items are the toughest to move, we agree! It is even more difficult to move large appliances and other special items that require more care and attention during a household moving project. Therefore, you need to incur extra charges to do it, since the task is too difficult to be done alone. You need to entrust your household valuables to professional movers and packers like us. If any of your furniture items or other home items turn out to be extremely valuable, you need to hire professionals who are also going to provide you with an insurance facility for your items. Getting proper insurance coverage is important.

At Al Salam, there is no such thing as a complicated move. Moving items too large in size could cause a distress to you as in individual, but not to us as professionals. Our team of professionals will ensure you get your peace of mind when it comes to moving bulky and oversized items. Moving furniture and appliances isn’t something you do on a daily basis, this is why you will need professional assistance. Therefore, once you reach out to us, you can be assured that we are going to take care of all the stages involved in your moving project. We promise to do everything we possibly can in a timely, efficient manner.

Tips and Tricks

  • You would always want to plan ahead when it comes to moving your valuables. Planning for every small and big thing is important. The way you are going to do it, the route you are going to take, everything should be well planned in advance. This is of course a huge task for most people and they do require an extra set of hands to help them, this is why you need to plan the movers you are going to choose in advance as well.


  • Measure your valuables, your furniture and your appliances along with your doorways in advance. This is important to ensure whether or not these items are going to be able to fit through all the exit points in your house or not. Refrigerators, pianos, sofas and couches, bookshelves, beds, everything should be measured properly in order to save you the trouble of dismantling your items or damaging them in the process of bringing them out. Allow us to do the same for you.


  • Seek help of professional packing material and equipment to make everything easy for you. Your household items might get into an accident if not packed properly and taken care of. This is why you need to take help of necessary packing supplies to ensure your furniture items are kept safe. Padding and bubble wraps go a long way.


  • There are certain equipment and techniques that can help you carry and move your bulky items with ease. All the large boxes and all the heavy items can be taken care of in the minimal possible way. You would need moving straps and ropes, stair rollers, furniture dolly, and sliders to make this project easy and simple. Since not every regular individual possesses these equipment, you should be relying on our professional assistance for the same.

As experienced and professional home movers in Dubai, our team of experts at Al Salam, is used to moving all kinds of home valuables, no matter the shape and size, with easy and simplicity. We are going to help you ensure that your possessions are going to arrive safely to your new home, with a minimal level of fuss. You can simply relax while we do stuff for you. You can simply sip your coffee and enjoy and relax with your family, after we have done the hard work for you. You can leave the hard parts on us, while you relax in your new home.

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