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How to watch Netflix via VPN?

esther.diaz October 1, 2017

Netflix Via VPN - blogandjournal

Netflix is the world’s largest video streaming website with a huge collection of HD movies, TV shows, sports and much more. People subscribe for Netflix to watch anything they desire, But, there are some country based restrictions on accessing things. Netflix never allow subscribers to have cross-border access which means, they can’t access the content which is not made for them. And that’s why people always want to have access to the blocked content that is offered for other countries.

People try to get through this using several techniques such as, using the best VPN service for Netflix or country based proxies etc. A VPN software may get you the access to the blocked or restricted content means, you can watch the content of other countries while being seated in some other country. But, that’s not all, Netflix can detect the use of VPN. Sometimes, you may be blocked even if you are using the VPN software and you get an streaming error message which says something like “Whoops, something went wrong.. You seem to be using and unblocker or proxy server. Please turn off and try again.”

When Netflix banned VPN?

Starting January 2016, Netflix finally decided to restrict the use of VPN softwares or apps for accessing the contents. They decided to stop people from using any kind of software that is for the means of accessing blocked items.

Mostly, people want to watch American Netflix. Which is of course not possible when you are sitting in some other country. It is because of the server redirection that automatically detects the location and take you to the content made for you or your country.

If you are able to access American Netflix’ Homepage sitting in another country via a VPN, that simply means your software is working fine and you can access those content. However, Netflix do some regular level checks on VPN usage. So, most of the VPNs will get you the access.

Best VPN Service for Netflix

Generally, all VPN providers are trying their best to tackle the problem of Netflix’ country restrictions. A good and genuine VPN-Software can easily get you the access.

There are a few things you should consider while opting for any VPN provider. The first and foremost thing is, whether they are providing you prompt customer support and replies or not? Also, whether Netflix would ban the traffic? You must ask these basic question from them before opting for the VPN. If they are not knowing the answer, you should move away, as they just want a sale from you!

Some of the Best VPNs that are still working with American Netflix are – ExpressVPN, StrongVPN, Vypr VPN, TorGuard etc. These are the popular ones, which give you an easy access to the Netflix USA.


Are VPNs restricted or blocked by Netflix? The answer is, Yes. The company is legally allowed to do so. But, they are trying their best not to be that much strict. They may think of providing a Global Access in future!

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