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Importance of Practicing What You Preach

esther.diaz July 29, 2018

As a person undergoing public speaking training in the Philippines or even in a global scale, it is important that you understand that when it comes to life, everything is easier said than done. There are a lot of people who turn cynical when they hear motivational talks because it is easier to doubt words than to turn them into actions.

Is there a way around this, you may ask? Yes, there is and it starts by practicing what you preach. In order to have a successful public speaking training, Philippine speakers make it a point to discuss anecdotes that they have learned from and not just an idea they have created. Truth is, if you just ramble on and your audience feels a tinge of doubt in what you are saying, then you should re-think your speech.

Learn the importance of practicing what you preach and inject it into your training to make it more effective and reliable for next inspired talk:

Provide a Genuine Interaction

Public speaking is an important skill that you can possess but it cannot be effective if you will come off as someone who is just speaking without purpose. This is why practicing what you preach helps in more efficient presentations because this opens up an avenue for a more genuine interaction. Your audience will more likely provide reactions to your talk if they connect with you on a personal level and this is very important if you want to establish an authentic relationship with them.

Effective Storytelling

Public speaking would be dull without stories of your own. Sticking to your agenda will just bore your audience. By practicing what you preach, you can inject a personal touch to your motivational talks and this will inspire a series of thoughts that will be helpful in having a successful public speaking stint. If you are making sure that you are living out the positive practices that you are promoting, then telling stories would only come naturally.

Influences Change

Leadership is based on influencing change and you cannot do so if you are unsure of what you are speaking of. People would not believe what you say if you are not a firm believer in it also. If you do not practice what you preach, this will kill your credibility fast and will not harness the change you want to see. Establish a firm connection with the people and have conviction in your principles so that it would be easier to follow suit.

Inspires Your Audience

Make an example out of yourself by being that positive and inspiring source for your audience. Inspiration is very important if you want to improve your communication with other people. When people seem uninspired or discouraged by what you are saying, it is probably because they cannot see the genuine response to what you are preaching. Always remember that it pays to be someone that people believe in so leave a positive note by showing that practicing what you preach is a way to be confident in times of trials.

Key Takeaway

Whether it is in public speaking in the Philippines or in real life applications, the importance of practicing what you preach should always be kept in mind. Having a connection with your audience should not end as soon as you finish your talk, it should extend to their lives so that they can practice what you have preached.

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