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Maintenance Tips To Make Your Solar Panels Last

esther.diaz February 2, 2018

The price of a solar panel in the Philippines can be bank-breaking.

Homeowners who utilize solar panels see these items as investment pieces. Initially, a solar panel’s price in the Philippines is considered expensive. But, the cost of utilizing solar panels will be significantly felt later on.

With solar panels, your electricity bill is lowered and you get to help save the environment since there are no harmful emissions. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Just like any other expensive machine, its lifespan would depend on the care and maintenance provided.

Do you want your solar panels to last for decades?

If yes, here are some tips that you should definitely follow to ensure that your panels stay in prime condition.

Inspect Regularly

Check the conditions of your panels regularly. Dust, pollen or even bird droppings may start to accumulate on your panels, which can lower the absorption rate of the panels.

Also, assess the condition of the frames that hold up the panels. Check if there are any cracks where water might enter, water damage may eventually lead to corrosion.

Make sure that there are no loose wirings, and immediately repair if there are any.

Clean Regularly

Always remember that whenever foreign objects block the sunlight, your panel’s efficiency rate is lowered. Solar panels must be cleaned in order to ensure that it is performing to its fullest capacity.

When it comes to cleaning the panels you can either hire a professional solar panel cleaner or clean it yourself.

Usually, people only hire solar panel cleaners when there are hard to reach areas.

Cleaning solar panels is not difficult. In fact, it’s similar to cleaning a car, but with gentler handling.

Tips for Cleaning Solar Panels

  • Use mild soap: Detergents may leave hard to spot smudges. These faint markings can

hinder the proper entrance of sunlight into the panels.

  • Dissolve rubbing alcohol in water: This mixture can easily break down oil residue.
  • Use a soft cloth: Due to the panels being made of glass, harsh supplies like scrubbers can easily scratch the surface of the panels. Softer and gentler tools must be used to ensure that the panels are not damaged.
  • Use a squeegee: In order to prevent calcium deposits to form, after the final rinse, use a squeegee to dry the panels.
  • Clean during an overcast day: A sunny weather is not ideal because water easily evaporates and leave marks during a sunny weather.


Monitor the Panel’s Performance

With today’s advanced technology, you can now monitor your solar panel’s performance through your personal computer or smartphone.

By monitoring the efficiency of your solar panels, you can easily determine if all of the parts are functioning properly. In case your monitor shows that your panel is not working to its fullest capacity, you can immediately check the malfunctioning part.

Comparing seasonal checkup with daily monitoring, the latter can provide an early diagnosis which can lead to immediate repair.


Key Takeaway

With the high price of solar panels in the Philippines, homeowners must provide extra care to their equipment for it to last longer.

If you are a solar panel owner, there is no need for you to worry. Just make sure that you follow the tips mentioned earlier and your panels are sure to stay in excellent condition.

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