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Men Fashion Tips – Expert Tips for Choosing Best Summer Fabrics

emmamiah April 12, 2018

As we all know summer season is just around the corner and now winter season has ended. So, it’s time to decide what you have to wear in summers and now you should take out summer clothing and accessories. There will be lots of humidity, heat and sweats in summers so it will be better if you wear breathable fabrics so that you could feel comfortable and relaxed.

Most men are so much style conscious that’s why they want to get prepare for this season and prefer to manage their wardrobes so that they could see what they have to wear this summer. Men should have summer fabrics in their wardrobe just like cotton, linen, lightweight and madras fabrics that are considered to be the best especially for summers.

Key Warm-Weather Fabrics

Why you always have to worry about buying seasonal fabrics? Instead you should prefer to buy fabrics that could be wear in both seasons in that way you can save lots of your money. Here we are discussing about the fabrics that you can buy in summer season:

1.     Cottons

This would be a year round option for men, but cotton use to come at its own especially in the summer season. The best thing about this fabric is that it use to maintain its shape as compared to any other fabric that is available in the market. And it will give you the best possible results when this fabric will be blended with other less organized materials just like linen. Construction of cotton fabric is considered to be ideal for making smarter pieces just like shirts or blazers, where you prefer to retain the shape, cut and silhouette of the garment and wear them with cheap mens jeans.

2.     Linen

Next option that you have in summer fabrics is linen that is considered more durable, breathable, stretchable and strong. Basically linen is considered to the perfect fabric that could be used in summers. But it use to have a major drawback which is it use to get crumples very easily. But that could be removed and treated as its unique feature that could add a touch of sprezzatura to the overall look.

You can prefer to buy linen suits, knitwear and shirts. While buying linen shirts you should keep in mind that it will be lightweight and see-through, so don’t get surprised by these features.

3.     Seersucker

Another type of fabric that could be used in summers is seersucker that is actually a mixture of loose weave strain that are made from cotton and described by its wrinkling quality. That make the fabric to hang away from the skin that in result will increase the airflow and consequently is helpful to avoid sweat.

4.     Madras

Another summer fabric option that you have is Madras that is actually lightweight cotton, conventionally containing a plaid design that is mostly used to make trousers, sports coats and shorts. This fabric is actually very common in America people buy it happily in summers. This fabric is available in vivacious plaids, stripes and collaged patterns used to make trousers or baggy shorts.

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