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Mesmerizing Bedroom DIYs for Disney Fans

esther.diaz July 21, 2017

Disney is beloved by all kids and adding in some touches of their favorite movies as decorations in their bedrooms could make your kids think of you as the best parents in the world. While there are plenty of mesmerizing DIY Disney Bedroom ideas out there, here are 2 of the very best.

Tea Set Lamp

Lamps are the easiest thing to up cycle and you can create a whimsical tea set lamp with just a few items and basic crafting skills.

  • Most of these can be bought for cheap prices in local thrift stores:
    • Tea cups
    • Tea pots
    • Saucers
    • Porcelain dishes
    • Hammer
    • Acrylic paint
    • Paintbrush or sponge
    • Lamp
    • Lamp shade
    • Foam
  • Directions:
    • Paint the lampshade and let it dry while working on the rest of the lamp. Coat it evenly so that the light will shine out of it smoothly.
    • Smash the bought lamp in a plastic bag with a hammer to avoid accidents. Gather the light fixture inside.
    • Stack the tea tableware without using glue yet. Use plates to stack teacup and pots on each other. The top item must be a tea cup with the opening left open. Make sure that the stack forms a straight tower. Glue them into place when you are satisfied with the design.
    • Use a rubber band to be able to hold the wire into place in a way that allows the light bulb to sit upright inside the top tea cup.
    • When the glue is completely dry, attach the light fixture to the tea tower. If the top cup is too wide, use some foam to hold the light bulb into place. Glue it in once it is. Do the same for the lampshade. As for the wire, attach it to the lampshade to let it dangle along the side.

This beautiful design is sure to make any child that wants to be a Disney princess feel like Alice in Wonderland or Belle in Beast’s castle.

Floating Rose


This one requires more handy work since more tools are needed.

  • Supplies:
    • Bell Jar
    • Rose blossom
    • Poplar plywood
    • Drill
    • Brass tubes
    • Plexi rod
    • Soldering iron
    • Pliers
    • Fake leaves
    • Floral tape
  • Directions:
    • Make the base out of plywood and make it in a way that will fit the bell jar perfectly. Wrap it in veneer so that it looks like marble.
    • Drill a hole in the middle big enough to fit the plexi rod. This transparent material is what the brass tube will attach to make the rose “float”.
    • Create a stem out of the brass tubes. Bend it with heat so that it will look more realistic. You can do this by using pliers. Small tubes can be soldered on to the stem to create thorns and leaf branches.
    • Wrap the stem in floral tape to make it green.
    • Attach fake leaves and the rose blossom to the stem.
    • Attach the overall rose to the plexi rod and heat the rod so that it will bend in a position that will make the rose stand up right.
    • Add some fake rose petals on the floor of the base.
    • Cover the rose with the bell jar.

Key Takeaway

There is no need to buy the expensive merchandise of Disney products. All you would need is these DIY products that you can make and customize yourself. Some of the things you would find online aren’t even sold by Disney. By doing this DIY projects, you can give your kids a unique bedroom that they will love.




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