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Money Saving Tips When Choosing the Right Hotel For You

esther.diaz March 28, 2018

Travelling is becoming more accessible to many people due to the ever-decreasing rates of flights and accommodation. In fact, prime travel destinations like the Philippines are seeing hotels in Quezon City and other cities offer more economical prices for travelers and tourists. Even so, you can further save money by doing your own research and following some of these steps when choosing the right hotel.

Price match hotels

Hotels are often encouraged to offer better deals to customers when they ask for it, with some of them even managing to match the price of their competitors. Before choosing your potential hotel to stay in, ask other hotels within the area for their prices. Once you have found a hotel that meets your preferred price, ask the other hotels if they can either match, or give you a better deal. Hotels are businesses after all, which means they thrive on competition and on being the best among their competitors. Use this to your advantage and book your hotel at a lower rate.

Choose the right time to stay

When it comes to savings, timing is everything. Hotel rates ebb and flow, so be sure to know the travel seasons of the area you wish to stay in. If you plan on staying in a hotel during peak periods, book ahead of time as much as possible to avoid any complications. During off-peak seasons on the other hand, last-minute arrangements might prove to be more effective as hotels would prefer to book their rooms at a lower price instead of not having them booked at all. You can also opt to book your stay midweek instead of the weekends as some hotels may be able to give significant discounts around that time.

Make use of corporate perks

If your work requires you to travel all over, you may be provided discounts on hotels by your employer. Make use of these perks and discounts and save even more on your accommodation. Even if you don’t have these perks, worry not as your spouse, sibling, or friend that has been given the same kinds of perks may be able to pass it on to friends and family. You can also maximize the use of your credit card by availing for the different discounts they provide.

Travel independently if you are alone

Large chain hotels are often inflexible when it comes to solo travelers. The rates likely assume that at least two guests are staying, so if you ever find yourself looking for a single room, try smaller independently owned hotels. Small, independent hotels may be open to negotiating the nightly rate when it comes to solo travelers, as long as they have enough vacancies to fill. You can even try to book your stay à la carte, only availing for services you consider necessary.

Key Takeaway

Hotels are now becoming more affordable as they continue to lower their prices; but this does not mean that the budget conscious traveler can’t save a bit of money on their own. Try to look for deals offered by hotels in cities like Quezon, Manila and Makati, and find out about other ways to save money on your next hotel stay!

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