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Natural Ways To Prevent Garden Pest

esther.diaz March 28, 2018

For most homeowners, the garden is their personal sanctuary since it contains the various natural plants that they grew themselves.

Also, tending to those plants can also be a form of relaxation and escape from the mundane everyday tasks.

Sadly, these plants could be in danger of being devoured by several garden pests like snails, slugs, beetles, and even worms.

Aside from eating the growing leaves of the plants while some attack the plants from underground.

In order to prevent any further damage to the plants, pest controlling methods must be administered.

But, before you call the local pest controller, try to consider getting rid of these garden pests through the various natural methods.

If you want to know how to effectively remove garden pests from your garden, then read on because this article contains numerous effective methods.

  1. Rotate Plants

This may be a laborious means of getting rid of insects, but it is an effective way of preventing insect infestation in the garden.

Some insect pests are more drawn to a particular type of plant than to the others. Doing so will prevent the spread of insects.

For this technique to be more effective, the plants must be rotated every year.

  1. Remove Infected Plants

If you see early on that a plant has already been infested by numerous garden pests, remove it immediately from your garden.

An infected plant may attract even more crop predators and spread the infestation to the other surrounding plants.

  1. Ensure that the soil is healthy and organic

Another way to discourage insects from breeding in your garden is by making sure that the soil in it is healthy.

Use natural composting methods like topdressing or mulching can provide your soil with various nutritional values thus enabling the development of healthy plants.

  1. Plant aromatic plants

Some insects like beetles cannot stand the scent of several herbs like citronella, mints, catnip, lemongrass, and basil. By planting these herbs, the insects are sure to avoid your garden.

The aroma of these herbs can also draw in the predator insects such as ladybugs and wasps. These predator insects can devour the garden pests that damage your crops.

  1. Clean the Garden

Remove all possible breeding places of the garden pests by clearing the area of all debris materials and even weeds.

  1. Disinfect the Needed Tools

In the medical field, the medical tools like the scalpels should be thoroughly disinfected before the next operation.

The same concept should be applied to gardening, especially when dealing with insect infected plants. Make sure to thoroughly clean your tools and remove all residue before proceeding to work on a different area of the garden.

  1. Block their Passage

Don’t throw away the eggshells that next time you use eggs. Instead, just break them down into smaller bits and scatter on the ground around the plants.

Several insects like snails, caterpillars, and slugs attack the plants from the ground, that’s why positioning “roadblocks” could discourage these crawling insects from approaching the crops.

Key Takeaway

These are the things you can do to easily and naturally get rid of the garden pests that are wreaking havoc on your plants and crops.

If the insect infestation is too much for you to handle, consult a pest controlling agency for professional advice

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