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Pros & Cons: Jail breaking your iPhone

esther.diaz July 31, 2017

You may have thought that “Yes, finally I was able to unlock my phone!”, and that’s just the best part – no. Along with the exemption of unlocking phones to the law, you’d be surely thrilled about working your phone without digital restrictions, enter: jailbreaking. For those who aren’t familiar of the term, it’s practically a form of customizing your phone to get those apps that you’ve always wanted – especially when your phone’s not letting you to. Going further, yes, you can jailbreak your phone – and the law will not prevent you from doing so. But of course, you have to remind yourself that once you’ve cut the knot between you and your phone manufacturer, either it’s ASUS, Huawei, LG, Google, or Apple, there are particular circumstances that may occur that you’re going to fix yourself. Surely, that’s discouraging.

Regardless, there are tons of other things that you need to know about jailbreaking your phone, especially for iPhones. Given that there are too many restrictions that Apple has incorporated in their handsets and purchasing another unit may be too costly, definitely, there’s a bit of weighing down to do if you’re opting to jailbreak your iPhone.

The Pros of Jailbreaking

  1. Access to a world of numerous apps

Every iPhone user can attest to the fact that Apple has limited them from their freedom of [preferred] app usage. As truly, there is a wide array of apps that once can use, and unfortunately, Apple haven’t or did not approve to run on its restricted system. Hence, most of the time, users are provoked to crack their devices to gain access to particular apps that they wanted to use. These apps may be utility tools, customizable themes, or emulated games.

  1. Customizable for a whole new look

Surely, if an iPhone user is not jailbreaking his/her phone for games – then it may be the look and feel of the device. There’s a lot of varying themes, wallpapers, and icons that one can use in order to give their device a makeover, and of which are easily accessible from public app stores.

  1. Enabled tethering for wider Internet usage

Most users wouldn’t know, but jailbreaking your device allows tethering from your iPhone to your laptop. This becomes especially necessary while one’s on travel and needs the internet on their laptop.

  1. Use songs from the music library to set as ringtone

It is costly to download any song from iTunes just to set it as your ringtone. Hence, users prefer jailbreaking to access this feature. There are apps that will allow you to download any song to your device and at the same time, edit and set it as your ringtone.

  1. Play video games via emulator

Most often, people look back during the days where game consoles are prominent – and more often, they like it better than the present ones. Hence, to gain access to these game emulators, they prefer jailbreaking their devices. In particular, Mario and Street Fighter are worth the crack.

The Cons of Jailbreaking

  1. Vulnerable to malware

It is indeed a common knowledge that jailbreaking may result to vulnerability to malwares. This makes your phone unprotected due to the fact that it has left Apple’s great wall of security. Furthermore, you may be downloading apps that are infected and/or the malware itself.

  1. Higher possibility of crashing occurrences

The fact that you’re jailbreaking your phone to access a variety of apps – your phone is most likely to become unstable and may suffer from temporary to regular crashes. Furthermore, Apple’s app store examines apps before it lets you download it, now, without the approval process, there are apps that may possibly cause serious crashing of your phone.

  1. Shorter battery life

A jailbroken device may suffer from shorter battery life due to apps that takes a lot of power from the iOS device. As such, it’s more likely to drain quicker than the factory unit.

  1. End of warranty

Once you jailbreak your phone, the warranty of your device has been ‘officially’ ended as well. This means, any damage that your device may suffer from – is not, anymore, a responsibility of the brand as this is a clear violation of the agreement. However, you may still restore the device on its original condition through iTunes in order to fix it – yourself.

  1. A little less secured personal data

Of course, jailbreaking may cause your data to be a little more vulnerable to others especially with the constant downloading apps. Hence, it’s just as important that you are careful in allowing these apps in accessing your device’s settings and network connection.

Key Takeaway

Jailbreaking may be legal and may open various opportunities for tools, entertainment and customization – however, it’s important to realize that this option requires appropriate discipline and knowledge in order to make use of the method at an advantage, rather than a disadvantage.

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