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Safety Tips When Handling Power Tools

esther.diaz June 28, 2018

For a lot of people their power tools are an important part of their lives. Which is why it just makes sense that you and many others just like you take all of the safety precautions when handling power tools. It does not matter whether you are a professional contractor or just someone who enjoys doing a few home-based projects. If you do not want to lose an eye, a finger, or much worse and cause any damage to yourself and others, following the right safety measures is a must.

There is a reason that safety and health at work are even enshrined in legislation. 4,383 people died in the United States alone because of an accident that happened at work. In addition, there were almost 3 million workplace illnesses and injuries that are non-fatal according to statistics from the government. Once you factor in the accidents that happen at home because of a variety of DIY activities, the number becomes immeasurable.

Power tools are a great way to save time and to help you do a number of jobs on your own. However, they can also cause serious injury when used incorrectly. Here are a few safety tips you should consider when handling power tools.

Make sure there are no trailing power leads

Trailing power leads are probably the single biggest cause of accidents in a garage or workshop. The problems are often caused by two things: falling over a lead or accidentally cutting through one. This may be one of the many reasons some people in the Philippines like power tools that are cordless.

If you are one of those that prefer using corded power tools, however, then make sure that the tool and its cord is always behind you and never in front of you. Many people have often chopped through the power lead of their bladed power tools because they were not aware of where it was. If possible, place it over your shoulder and behind you at all times.

Never stretch out a power lead and try and use an extension lead so that others will not fall and trip easily. Ideally, if you can also use a power tool on a fixed bench, you can minimize the need to stretch the leads.

Use the protective guards

Certain tools have protective guards for a reason. Avoid removing the guard from a power tool just to help you see better. This is also one of the more common reasons why eye loss is one of the leading injuries in the construction industry today.

This also applies to your fingers; if a guard is provided with your power tools, then you can be sure that it is important. Protective guards are there in order to keep you safe from moving shafts, gears, chains, belts, and more.

 Always wear eye protection

 It might not necessarily make you look “cool but wearing eye protection while you work can guarantee that you will not lose your eyesight. If you are using your power tools for sanding, drilling, etc, get yourself a good pair of safety glasses to protect any flying debris or projectile from hitting your eye.

Prioritize keeping your eyesight instead of what you might look like. If there is even the slightest risk of an object chipping and flying off and getting into your eye, then a set of protective eyewear can save your sight.

 Key Takeaway

Almost every day people all over the world are treated for accidents that are caused by the careless use or misuse of power tools.

Always remember to exercise caution when using your power tools because there are really a lot of things that can easily go wrong in a workshop.

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