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SEO Guide for Entrepreneurs

esther.diaz July 30, 2018

For many business owners, the incorporation of SEO services can at first be very confusing, complicated, and simply intimidating. And although the world of SEO has made many significant advances, entrepreneurs are still continuing to raise questions about what exactly SEO is and how it works in making their businesses more effective and profitable.

At the end of the day, it is a fact that the internet is presently one of the most prominent and reliable sources of income. Having a website for your business does not automatically lead to financial success due to a rapid turnover in sales.

Let’s take a look at some of the major introductory factors to help you get acquainted with the field of SEO:

Understanding On-Site Optimization

SEO is basically an acronym for a popular term known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO in its most fundamental function refers to the process that takes place when ensuring that your website achieves its maximum potential for both viewers and search engines.

This method for gaining quality traffic is done by utilizing the right keywords, key phrases, and tags on your website’s pages. Which in turn, are used by Google’s algorithms to determine page ranking.

 Knowing What Goes into Off-Site Optimization

This primarily refers to another major aspect of the SEO process which pertains to the process of maximizing your websites ranking through external means. Simply put, Off-site optimization is not done on your website itself.

It is through off-site optimization techniques that the Google algorithms put into consideration your website’s “authority” in relation to how much other websites are establishing links with it.

The Importance of White-Hat SEO

White-hat refers to an approach to doing SEO that has to do with several techniques that all conform to legal optimization standards as to drive better quality traffic and search engine ranking for your website. High quality traffic more accurately means human traffic, which at the end of the day, is what converts to sales.

A few white-hat SEO techniques include: back linking, keyword analysis, and link building. The main objective of the white-hat approach is to create a meaningful rise on your website’s popularity through the creation of first rate content that is linked to other legitimate webpages.

The Dangers of Black-Hat SEO

Jumping off from the last point, black-hat SEO pertains to SEO techniques that involve illegal means as to achieve a high rank search engine rank. These methods and SEO practices essentially go against the rules of Google.

Some of the main black-hat SEO methodologies include: keyword stuffing, utilizing invisible text, crafting fake pages as to attain a desired back link, page swapping, using doorway pages, etc.

Setting and Managing Keyword Expectations

As a business owner or entrepreneurial figure, you are going to want to run your keywords and potential topics through tools like Google’s Keyword Planner as to make sure that they carry the appropriate amount of search volume and viable traffic.

The important note here is that when it comes to SEO, one of the most important things you should put into account is relevance for your target audience.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to understanding SEO services, as a business owner, you have to understand that having a website or online presence is not the end goal. You are missing out on maximizing your profit and sales conversions if you fail to utilize SEO as a means for gathering quality traffic and search engine ranking.

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