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Skills Every Customer Service Should Have

esther.diaz August 16, 2017

In the Philippines, tons of call center aspirants are applying for a job at well-known call center companies. However, often times, the competition can be tougher than expected given that these companies are looking for the right individuals to represent their company.

But for companies, who are these people that they’re looking for, really? What skills should they have to be able to get their hands on the role?

Here are the top 5 skills that every customer service agent should have.

  1. Patience

Customer service will never be an easy job, because it’s neither a process or an item that you’re dealing with, rather, a human – who has emotions that may vary from time to time. Unfortunately, at times, they will call up to you only to be grumpy throughout the whole conversation.

Point given, customer service needs patience that if possible, should go beyond the heavens. Not only one person will call you up during the whole day, so better practice this skill to be able to properly handle difficult situations.

More so, having more patience results into a better customer service.

  1. Attentiveness

Paying attention to a customer does not mean just pure talking. You have to listen and comprehend in order to attend to their needs. Empathize, even.

Obviously known to the majority, it’s a practice especially in customer service centers, to attend to calls with a script at hand. However, this does not mean that you should attend to a customer in a scripted manner. It’s still better to talk to a customer service representative who talks genuinely, because that way the customers will feel that they are being sincerely attended to.

After all, a happy customer means a happy business.

  1. Clarity in communicating

Clarity is an important factor when communicating with the customers, especially when addressing issues that they need answer with. Truly, miscommunications often lead to an hour or so of call time, or if unlucky, a series of calls that you need to repeat your response on and on.

The thing is, when attending to a customer, you need to keep your answers simple, and crystal clear that they wouldn’t need to ask you about the same issue again and again.

  1. Positive communication

In customer service, delivering your message isn’t your only goal but also providing a great customer service experience to your customers. Hence, a positive communication skill is needed.

This shows in the form of how customer service conveys the message. For example: A customer is looking for an item that is not yet available, how should you address his/her concern?

In order to display a positive communication regardless of the situation being unfortunate, one should focus on the solution and not just a response to be delivered. For instance, you can say that, “The item will be available next week. If you’d like, I can place you an order in advance and make sure you receive it the moment it is available in our stocks.” This way, you have given the customer a positive thought of being able to get that item the next week regardless of it being unavailable at the moment.

  1. Effective time management skills

Time management is a crucial skill in customer service, given that you have a number of people to attend to in a day. Now, in order to provide good and efficient customer service, remember this: if you do not have any idea of how to solve the issue that the customer is currently raising, transfer that customer to someone who knows how to solve that particular issue. That way, you have saved both of your time from an unnecessary conversation.

Key Takeaway

Truth be told, customer service is one of the most crucial roles in the world. It does not only focus on attending calls and sending e-mails, but rather, providing genuine customer service experience to customers.

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