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Stainless Steel Kitchen Ideas

esther.diaz July 30, 2018

It seems like the trend for this year is that steel will continue to be a part of modern kitchens. Steel, as a building material, will always be up-to-date when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. For this reason, a kitchen made from stainless steel from suppliers in Metro Manila is an ideal part of your home that will never go old.

Kitchens that are closed and isolated from the rest of the house are a thing of the past. Using stainless steel products for your kitchen will transform it into an open space that is connected to the living area. In addition, steel not only gives your kitchen an aesthetically pleasing feel, it also provides the functionality it needs. With that said, here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate stainless steel into your kitchen:

Warm and Balanced Kitchen

 This kitchen idea is all about balance. Make wood the primary design characteristic of your modern kitchen, and then opt for stainless steel accents and highlights. The warm, welcoming feel of the wood is balanced by the cool, sleek, and elegant stainless steel.

While the stainless steel might end up getting scratched, it can hold up really well and the scratches simply add character to your kitchen. These two contrasting materials really complement each other and make your home look modern while feeling lived-in. Complete the clean look by hiding and making sure that no electrical outlets are visible.

 Sleek and Minimalist Kitchen

A sleek and minimalist kitchen that is primarily decorated with stainless steel will make any home feel modern – even if your home is over a hundred years old! Your guests are going to find it hard to believe that such a sleek kitchen can sit inside a seemingly cozy home.

Make use of stainless steel sinks and counters that are all in one piece. This way, you won’t have any seams for crumbs, dirt, and other kitchen waste to get caught in. Some of these units even have a built-in drainboard so you don’t have to worry about installing that yourself.

 Shimmering Kitchen

 Stainless steel can add shine and shimmer, as well as the illusion of size to your kitchen, especially if it is a smaller one.

Avoid installing cabinets above your marble countertop and instead opt for floating shelves that are wrapped in stainless steel,

 The Anti-kitchen

 When designing a kitchen, sometimes, it’s all about how much stuff you can take away. This kitchen idea uses stainless steel cabinets to frame the stove, giving your kitchen a sleek look.

In the kitchen, or in this case, the ‘anti-kitchen,’ you can make use of a vintage restaurant stove in addition to marble countertops. You can also try out having only one set of upper cabinets and hanging up photographs on the tiles instead.

Key Takeaway

 The kitchen can be considered as the center of the modern home; a place where all the members of your family gather at least once or twice a day. If you want to have a fascinating and cheerful kitchen, consider designing it with stainless steel in mind.

Not only is a kitchen that is furnished with products from a stainless steel supplier in Metro Manila trendy and cool, it can also look sophisticated and elegant at the same time. If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, consider these ideas on how to decorate it using stainless steel.

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