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Suitable Wedding Cars For Your Big Day

esther.diaz October 4, 2017

When it comes to weddings, everything has to be prepared properly in order to have a successful event. From hiring a quality wedding catering service to finding the perfect reception venue, organizing a wedding is a lot of work. One of the most important elements in a wedding is the wedding car, which is the vehicle that would transport the newly wedded couple to the reception venue, and maybe even to the honeymoon venue as well. Wedding cars come in different forms, and all of them are meant to give an impressive and lasting impression. Here are some wedding cars that would be suitable for your wedding day.

Chrysler 300c

A luxury car with the performance of a muscle car, the 300c is one of the finest cars when it comes to luxury. Its extravagant exterior, coupled with a beautiful interior makes it a fitting vehicle for the newly wedded couple. There is also a limousine version that provides even more space and luxury that would make you feel like royalty.

Mercedes Maybach

If you want European elegance, you can’t go wrong with one of Germany’s finest. Not only does the car perform well on the road, the interior is one of the best, with reclining seats, panoramic glass roof, and even a mini fridge to keep your wedding champagne. The Maybach is a well-rounded car that would give you the best luxury that you will adore.

Austin Princess

If you want a more vintage look, the Austin Princess provides that in spades. This 1940s era car has a beautiful exterior, along with a spacious interior that has more than enough room for the bride’s wedding dress. Getting this as your wedding car would really leave your guests in awe. Despite the many decades since its creation, the Austin Princess continues to be a timeless classic sought after by many.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Who says that you can’t get a sports car as your wedding car? If you want to arrive to your wedding fast and with style, the Gallardo is the best car to do it with. It has a sporty yet elegant look that makes it look like that its gliding on the road. It also has a convertible roof if the couple would want to feel the wind while they pass through the streets. Fast and elegant, the Gallardo is a top choice.

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

Another vintage classic, the Silver Cloud is one of the most popular wedding cars around. With its refined and luxurious appearance, it feels like it was made for events like weddings. It has everything that you need in a wedding car, and picking this for your big bay is a definite home run no matter where you look it.

Key Takeaway

A wedding car is one of the major elements of a lavish and beautiful wedding. With these cars, you are guaranteed that you will be able to arrive in your wedding with a great sense of style and elegance that is fitting for your big day.

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