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Survival Uses for Everyday Items

esther.diaz May 17, 2017

Out of the many survival tactics you have come across in your life, there’s one thing you should always remember: Execution is key. In times of dire need, some survival supplies that may prove essential may not be close by. This is where the practice of ‘improvising’ comes into place.

Imagine this scenario: You lost in the forest and you need to start a campfire for warmth. But, you can’t find any suitable wood around and your only equipment is a fire starter and a pack of Doritos. Not many people know this but Doritos can make a perfect substitute for kindling. Just set your chips on fire and let the flames do the rest.

While that is a perfect example of an everyday item being used for survival, here are other instances in which you can use numerous items in your day-to-day life in situations that call for your survival.

1.  Dental Floss

Aside from using it on your teeth, this handy little string-like item can save your life in extreme situations. The tough nature of this item not only makes it useful when picking food out from between your teeth, the string can be used to bring in small animals to your dinner table by using floss as a snare for hunting. It can even be used as a fishing line for you to reel in your dinner from underwater.

Not only that, it also makes a great binding agent if ever you need to tie two things together to make another item essential to survival. This unconventional mean of survival proves that ingenuity can go a long way.

2.  Soda Can Tabs

These are the things you pop whenever you want to enjoy a cold drink. But, instead of throwing it away, you may want to keep it in case of a dire situation in the wild.

If ever you find yourself wanting to fish but no hook on hand, no need to worry as you can use these tiny metal tabs, sharpen a point and attach it to our fishing line. Make sure you use bait too for a guaranteed bite.

3.  Pencils

These writing instruments are more than what they were made to be. Why? You can start fires with this handy little stick.

To start a fire, you don’t have to break the pencil apart just because they’re wood. All you’ll need to do is to sharpen the pencil and, instead of throwing the shavings away, take your fire starter and set it ablaze.

4.  Cellphone

If you think that your cellphone would be useless in the wild due to almost no reception, think otherwise. For this to work, sadly, you’ll have to break your phone apart.

Once that’s done, make use of its certain parts for certain uses. You can use the battery for starting fires, the circuit board for a cutting tool, and even the screen to use as a signal mirror. The appreciation of having no phone may be instilled in you once you survive.

5.  Condoms

This instrument is usually used in…certain ways. But, it doesn’t always have to be used in that way.

Condoms are known to expand to triple its size when water is being caught, which is exactly what makes this contraceptive extremely useful. So, if you ever need to transport water with no jug, grab a condom and do it.

Your everyday items don’t need to be only what they were made to be. All you need to do is get creative and start thinking of other ways to use them.

Execution may be key…but so is Improvisation.

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