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The Future of Mobile Phones

esther.diaz August 28, 2017

Mobile phones are the pinnacle of technology today. With an endless list of apps that bring a wide range of features and functions, many find themselves able to do multiple tasks on their phones; including work.

This is why getting a SIM Network Unlock PIN is so popular with many travelers. They need the functionality of their phones in order to run their lives even while they are on the go.

With such enhancements phones bring to everyday life, it leads one to wonder what the future of mobile phones has in store. Below are the latest technologies in development for future use in mobile phones:

Augmented Reality

In the context of mobile phones, augmented reality (AR) is used when what is perceived through senses is enhanced through technological input. This is usually done by using the phone’s camera. It can be seen in the popular game, Pokemon Go, where users feel like there is an actual Pokemon in front of them.

By analyzing what the camera sees, the future AR technology can give the user more information about a view that the user can see in front of him. For example, an app can tell the user to point his camera down the street and analyze the buildings in sight. From there, the app can find out if there are cafes, stores, and other establishments in this building. This will be so useful for the lost traveler.

Bendable Screens

Imagine a phone with a large screen that can fit comfortably in your pocket. It seems to be impossible now but with the development of bendable and flexible screens, this feature will eventually be available. This is because Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology makes it possible now to create screens that can fold and unfold. Images may also be projected on both sides on said screen.

With such flexibility in screen, the big companies are starting to adapt. Nokia even has this idea to make a smartphone-smartwatch hybrid which will allow users to wear their latest phone.

Built In Projector

The Samsung Galaxy Beam introduced the first built in projector in a phone back in 2010. But the most recent developments in the technology may see the use of these projectors to project interactive games. The camera of the phone will then be used to act as a sensor so that users may use their bodies as a controller. Pair this with voice control and you will have an interactive gaming experience packaged in your phone. Think of it as Kinect on the go.

The problem with this technology now is that the projector itself needs to be small to conserve battery life. With a small projector, means a small screen. This is what developers are currently trying to find a solution for but it’s only a matter of time before they find a solution.


Do you know how Ironman has computers that can project holograms that he can interact with? Well, that could soon be a reality. While 3D smartphones are still new and the technology is still being polished, the future can see the use of 3D and a built-in projector to create holograms. Then, as mentioned before, the camera can act as a sensor which will allow users to make gestures to control a hologram.

Seemless Voice Activation

If you’ve encountered voice activation that’s very faulty, then the technology is probably not using a Natural Language User Interface. This is the AI found in the popular iPhone bot, Siri.

As many know, Siri has taken the world by storm because of its ability to understand multiple voices and give accurate answers. It does so by interpreting dictions and syntax rather than sound waves. This is what makes the AI that much more sophisticated.

With such an AI being available today, the technology can be seen to become more intelligent over the coming years. With new smartphones features being developed every day, it’s only a matter of time before voice control becomes the go-to interaction between man and computer.

Key Takeaway

Mobile phones add convenience in our lives and, every day, developers try to create or improve technology to help man further enhance his life. With such new technology just over the horizon, we become that much closer to a more comfortable and connected life.

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