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Things To Consider When Choosing A Plastic Injection Company

esther.diaz February 2, 2018

Do you have a project coming up and need multiple samples of your product made of plastic? You may want to consider teaming up with a molding company.

Whether you’re in the automotive, medical, or even electronic industry, a plastic injection company can surely get the job done.

But, before you go on and sign a contract with a molding company, here are some aspects that you should consider to research on.

Customer Care

It is essential for a company to have accommodating personnel who will handle their clients.

Before the finished product is delivered, you will first have a meeting with someone from the organization. In case you have further inquiries, or you want to have last minute modifications to be done, a company with impeccable customer service can accommodate your concerns.

Track Record

Similar to choosing brands for products that we use daily, choosing a reputable injection company is important. Check out their website, to see if previous clients were satisfied with their services. You could also ask their personnel for references you could contact personally.

Materials Used

In dealing with a company that manufactures products, it is important that the materials they use are approved by the government.

You wouldn’t want to run into some trouble with the law, right?

Also, not only are you protecting your reputation, but also the clients of your project.

Be sure to inquire if the specific material you need for your customized product is utilized by the company.

After you researched thoroughly for the perfect material, you wouldn’t want your products to be compromised just because the company does not manufacture products using your preferred material, right?


As a client, you are bound to have specifications for your products. These specifications would often be regarding color, size, design, packaging, and placement of your logo. Upon inquiry, ask if these key components of your design can be met.


Teaming up with an organization that manufactures products similar to yours can ensure better results.

First, the possibility that your specifications in your design can be met.

Second, working with a team that is exposed to your specific field may yield less production error and waste, resulting in lower cost of manufacturing.


The company should be able to produce high-quality products at a fast pace.

Ask if they have samples. By doing so, you will see if the goods have a seamless finish.

Always remember that your finish product will not just represent the brand of the molding company, but yours as well.

Questions to ask

To further help you out, here are some questions you can ask during your initial inquiry.

  1. What information must I provide to receive a quote?
  2. What specific molding machines do you use?
  3. How many machines do you use?
  4. Do you have an ISO certification?
  5. What time do you start your operations?
  6. What time do you start accepting customer inquiries, and through what medium can clients contact your customer service personnel?

Key Takeaway

To sum it all up, make sure their customer service personnel will happily accommodate your inquiries. Choose a reputable company that can efficiently produce high-quality goods.

The next time you research on a company, these are the aspects that you should consider.

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