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Things to Consider when Moving to a Townhouse

esther.diaz January 2, 2018

I bet you’ve already scoured Manila for some new townhouses that can serve as your family’s abode.

Townhouses are becoming increasingly popular in the recent years—acting as an alternative dwelling to condominiums, apartments, or extremely spacious houses.

Since they’re relatively smaller than the usual homes, townhouses require less maintenance, which is perfect for those who prefer to live modestly. Furthermore, a townhouse offers more privacy than condos and apartments.

However, despite these attractive qualities, living in a townhouse can also have some downsides.

Below are things you need to consider when moving into one of these lovely residences.

Are they pricey?

The primary factor that entices a lot of people to invest in townhouses is that they’re generally more affordable than the usual homes. They’re also newer and well-maintained, as compared to older houses—sure, they might cost the same, but the latter calls for more repairs and more sprucing up, which will definitely be more expensive.

Because of their reasonable price, new couples find themselves gravitating towards townhouses.

Before moving into a townhouse, however, you should first look into the Homeowners’ Association (HOA). Most of these unions require you to pay monthly dues (for maintenance and other similar concerns). So don’t forget to take them into consideration.

Where are they located?

Townhouses are often nestled in urban settlements—that is, where only the larger houses are usually present.

Living in a townhouse allows you to enjoy the cityscape and its facilities without the hefty price tag that comes with the typical residences in this area.

Will it afford you with the convenience you seek?

Definitely! Since townhouses are normally in the heart of the city, you’ll have access to a vast array of commercial and entertainment centers. Plus, you’ll be within walking distance to establishments like restaurants, supermarkets, and so on. How convenient is that?

Furthermore, being a part of a Homeowners’ Association means your basic needs (landscaping, maintenance) will also be taken care of.

Is moving in a hassle?

Unfortunately, yes. You’ll need a lot of help transporting your furnitures from the ground to the second storey, especially since the stairs can be immensely narrow.

Do you yearn for some privacy?

While townhouses grant you more privacy than what condominiums and apartments can offer, it’s still a far cry from the personal space that larger homes have.

In fact, it’s the lack of privacy that often discourages prospective buyers from opting for townhouses.

For one, you probably won’t have your own patio or balcony. And then you also need to consider your closeness to your neighbors. You’re practically just separated by a wall, and this means that you’ll be seeing and hearing them on a daily basis.

Key Takeaway

Townhouses are becoming more and more popular lately, especially with the number of charming advantages they offer. However, like all other things, living in these dwellings also have their drawbacks.

Before moving to that new townhouse in Manila, make sure you bear in mind these things!

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