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Tips Before Renting A Car

esther.diaz February 1, 2018

Are you planning on traveling but you don’t have a car, nor the enthusiasm to immerse in the hassle of commute?

With the complicated public transportation here in the Philippines, it’s more convenient to drive a car. Plus, the car services in Manila are very reliable.

Luckily, the car rental industry here in the country is slowly growing. More and more Filipinos (and even foreigners) are able to enjoy the convenience of driving a car, without the expense of buying one, through car renting.

In case you need to rent a car, here are some tips you need to know before renting one.

Search in advance

Even if your road trip is still months away, start searching for the best deals offered. Also, taking time to learn about car rental companies, this may eventually lead you to a package deal that is sure to fit your budget.

With plenty of time in your hands, you can compare the prices of various car rental companies.

Choose a rental company equipped with insurance

It’s easier to enjoy a trip when you have car insurance that covers all possible risk.

For added assurance, make sure that the company you chose provides a spare tire along with the vehicle. Car services in Manila may be able to help you with issues like these, but their services may be limited only within the metro. In case you plan on going to nearby provinces, it’s handy to have a spare one.

Familiarize yourself with the car

Before reserving the car, ask the staff if it is possible to have a test run of the car even if it’s just within the compound. By doing so, you are getting a feel of the car, which may avoid possible accidents along the way.

You have to admit that some cars are harder to drive compared to others.

Check for damages

Upon riding the vehicle, check both the exterior and interior for possible damage.

If you see some parts that are malfunctioning, like the windshield wiper, immediately inform a representative of the company before you drive off.

Even small scratches or markings should be mentioned immediately to their staff so that no additional charges will be filed under your account.

Be mindful of your gas receipt

Even if you purchased a package with unlimited gas, it is still better to keep the receipt.

In case you did not purchase one with unlimited gas, be sure to hold on to the receipt given to you at the gas station. Some companies may require the receipt to be presented upon return of the vehicle.

Assign one of your companions to be in charge of keeping the receipts for safekeeping since you’re probably focusing on the road.

Allot time allowance for the return trip when planning your itinerary

Filipinos often use the term “Filipino Time” as an excuse to be tardy. In these situations, you should be thinking “Time is gold” because the delay in return is sure to cost you money.

Some companies provide grace period without charges, but not all organizations are forgiving.

If you notice early on that you need more time, immediately inform the agency regarding possible time extensions.

Key Takeaway

The next time you plan a road trip, always remember to start early on your search for a car to rent. If possible, choose a company with insurance that can cover any possible damage. Before you reserve a car, ask for a test run and check for prior damages in the vehicle. Be mindful of the receipts you acquire during the trip. Lastly, remember to provide time allowance for the return trip so you won’t be charged for overtime.

Keep these tips in mind, for a hassle-free renting.

Have a fun and safe trip!

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