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Tips on How to Lure Butterflies to Your Garden

esther.diaz October 2, 2017

Not all pests are bad nor ugly. Some insects such as butterflies are welcome additions to the garden. They add beauty to the visuals as well as help in the growth of your garden with their ability to pollinate. Thus, you may want to lay off the pest control a bit for the sake of these friendly and pretty creatures.

There are ways for you to boost their presence in your garden while keeping the nasty critters away. If you want to do this, then here a few tips you need to follow:

Keep Certain Pesticides Away

The use of malathion, Sevin, and diazinon pesticides must be avoided if you want to have butterflies in your garden. These specific chemicals will kill the beautiful insects. They will also make sure they stay far away because these have a wide range. Thus, you may need to ask your neighbors to do the same thing if you all want butterflies in your community. It will be a benefit for everyone as well since this will promote safer means of pest control.

Grow Native Plants

Aside from supporting local farms, the local pollinators – such as butterflies – love native plants! Of course, these organisms live on and evolve along with the flora of your native country. Thus, planting more of these native plants will attract more butterflies.

Butterflies also love to feed on milkweed. But just like what was just mentioned above, they only eat those that are local to your region. So you must research and find out which one is best to plant in your area.

Get Good Sun

While the benefit of getting good amounts of sun for your plants is obvious, it actually also encourages more butterflies in your garden. This is because they like to feed when the sun is out and really powerful. So your flowers should always be consistently exposed to the sun to get more of these critters flying around.

Plant the Right Colors

Butterflies are actually very visual creatures. They love seeing bright colors and immediately go to gardens with an array of such hues. So when you’re planting your flowers and you want to accent their beauty with butterflies, then think red, yellow, orange, pink and purple. While you’re at it, make sure these are flat topped of have short flowering tubes so that the winged insects can feed easily.

Make a Butterfly Spa

Just like humans, butterflies love to rest and they have their preferences when doing so. Their ideal place is somewhere sunny and full of flat rocks. You can create this relaxing spot for them just by gathering or purchasing a few nice stones and placing them in the sunniest area of your garden.

They also love to puddle. This is the act of drinking water and mineralizing in damp sand or mud. You can also recreate these conditions by filling dishes with sand and water and placing them in the same sunny spot.

Key Takeaway

Follow the tips above and you’ll have a butterfly-filled garden in no time! Your efforts will pay off when your yard is healthier and more beautiful.

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