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Tips on How to Stick to Your Healthy Lifestyle

esther.diaz May 21, 2018

You won’t be able to find any shortcuts or secrets to living a long and healthy life. A lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance goes into developing and maintaining healthy habits.

It means having regular exercise and a healthy diet. It also means having to abstain from harmful vices such as tobacco and heavy alcohol consumption. It doesn’t mean going to your preferred gym in manila after binging on instant noodles, soft drinks, and chips. It is an overall embodiment of health and it is hard to achieve.

You will have to go through a lot of difficulties in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle and even a lot more trouble in order to stick to it. But fret not because we’ll give you some tips on how to do it!

Set Smart and Measurable Goals

The first mistake people do when trying to switch to a healthy lifestyle is they set such unattainable and unquantifiable goals. There’s a reason New Year’s resolutions don’t work – they’re way too vague and immeasurable.

Your goals need to be measurable. They have to be specific, attainable, and realistic. Replace your goal to “lose weight” to “lose this many pounds a week.” You can also replace your goal of “eating right” to “eat fruits and vegetables this many times per day.”

Specific goals have been proven to work better than vague goals. Moreover, behavioral goals like the one about eating fruits and vegetables also work better than physiological targets like “lower my cholesterol” or “lose weight.”

Approach it One-Step at a Time

Old habits are stubborn and you can’t face them all at the same time, so try to approach your transition one-step at a time. Don’t think of your habits as garbage that you can just easily throw in the trash. If that was the case, then a lot more people would be healthier today.

Instead, take your time on developing and leaving a habit. You can allow yourself a week or a month to change a habit and move on to a different one after. This way, you’re not working beyond your reach and you’ll be much more successful in sticking to your healthy lifestyle.

Make It Fun and Enjoyable

Part of being able to stick to your healthy lifestyle is controlling your mental state. People often think having a healthy lifestyle means a difficult and boring life filled with green leafy vegetables and fake meat. While the latter is partly true, the former is most definitely not.

Train your mind and body to find the joy in living healthy. If you can find the fun in a healthy lifestyle whether it’s in creating new, healthier meals or finding fun, physical activities, you’re more likely to retain your healthy behaviors.

Accept Setbacks

You are human. You can make mistakes. You can have setbacks. You can miss a scheduled exercise or give up on an eating program. There is no shame in episodically deviating from your goal behavior. If you can accept this fact, then it will prevent you from having relapses. Just as you don’t expect perfection from other people, you should also not expect it from yourself.

Key Takeaway

Developing and sticking to a healthy lifestyle can boost your average life expectancy by at least 5 years. Despite all the evidence that backs up this fact, why is it that people are still not living healthy? You may think that they just don’t want to do it, but that’s not the reason. The problem is that they don’t know how to do it. They don’t know how to rid of their poor habits and develop new, better ones.

All people know to do these days is head to their respective gym in manila and pump weights and run on treadmills. While this can be a good step towards developing and maintaining a healthy life, it’s not enough. If you can follow the tips written above and take them to heart, you’ll be more likely to achieve a healthy lifestyle!

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