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Top 5 World’s Largest Construction Projects

esther.diaz May 21, 2018

Ever since the dawn of civilization, human beings have come to create some mind-blowing infrastructures. The historic landmarks that have come to serve as the zenith of cultures and innovations. It is clear that monumental figures of magnanimous splendor are made with the most unshakable of materials.

The evolution of science, architecture, and engineering have developed and shaped the world as we know it. Construction materials here in the Philippines are also beginning to catch up with the engineering waves of the world. In order to even have somewhat of a grasp on the full capabilities of human construction, let’s take a few looks at some of the largest construction projects in the world today:


When it comes to amusement attractions and theme parks, automatically we think about Disney and other American conglomerates, but none of those can compare to Dubailand located in the heart of Dubai. Upon approximation, Dubailand can fit up to three Walt Disney Worlds! The 278 square kilometers and $64 billion priced property is home to more than one theme park, sports venues, eco-tourism, science attractions, health facilities, and even hotels.

London Crossrail Project

Public transportation is one of the most vital aspects of any country. Many public commuter’s vehicles flood the streets, and many infrastructures have been built and further developed solely for citizens and tourists to efficiently get around. But the world’s first underground railway is continuing to grow at exponential rates. There has been an addition of 26 miles of tunnels connecting 40 stations in the London Crossrail Project. The cost of production is at a whopping $23 billion!

Three Gorges Dam in China

This is the world’s largest dam; it is a mile and half long, and raises at about 60 stories high. The $59 billion project for the Yangtze River was finalized and put into operational service in 2003. It is an extremely large construction project that has been criticized for a lot in terms of production process, but the awestriking size leaves on in awe. It is eight times larger than the iconic Hoover Dam!

Al Maktoum Airport in Dubai

If you have been all over the world, you must certainly share the same sentiments that this airport in Dubai is really quite like nothing else in existence. You cannot even begin to comprehend the amazing size and scale of this airport. Other airports seem microscopic in comparison to the Al Maktoum in Dubai. Costing over $32 billion and extending at over 21 square miles, this giant airport is able of fit over 200 wide-bodied aircraft at a time.

Beijing Airport

The Beijing International Airport is speculated to grow to an even larger scale than that of the aforementioned Al Maktoum Airport. This airport has one of the world’s most astounding plane capacities. First completed in 2008, The Beijing Airport’s Terminal 1 was designed by Zaha Hadid, and incorporates an impalpable sense of futurism.

Key Takeaway

The world has certainly evolved in its construction grandeur. Construction materials here in the Philippines and the rest of the world may indeed seem insignificant, but when utilized in a gigantic project that embodies the strength of the human spirit, the result is mindblowing.

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